July 14, 2024

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OOT_pictureSapphire Blue is a culmination of the area’s best players playing the best music. “It’s just not what it once was,” says Lexi (the band’s lead vocalist), “The women have taken over the music scene on a world level and that’s what makes us so different. If you take any Katy Perry or Pink song, they rarely have horns or that funk sound that you used to hear in clubs ten years ago. Now, it’s all about keyboards and pop/dance music. Young people will run for the hills if they see a band doing that ‘I love you more today than yesterday’ stuff. Believe me, I’m twenty-one, the same age as the other front person, bassist, and guitarist, so we know what people that come out to spend money want to hear. What we do is play pop music in high energy mode, so it works in even hard rock clubs, too. The band is equally comfortable in upscale settings, since the material we do and how we present it appeals to every age bracket and event, be it nightclub, casino or private affair.

The Sapphire Blue band is a seven piece band, and all of the guys are good looking and personable, if I do say so myself. One of our first official gigs was at Chickie’s and Pete’s New Years Eve party two weeks ago, and it was really jumping. It was one of the very few area clubs that had a good turnout. See, that’s what this band does. We’re all at the age of having hundred of friends just looking to go out, and it doesn’t take months of promoting. The bottom line is that you will have fun at our shows.”

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