May 20, 2024

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Think Pink Floyd…The Greatest Pink Floyd Show Around

By: Krista Doran

36583_10150969713150661_1687122810_nIf you grew up to the sounds of Pink Floyd, or even if you are just a fan of their music you are going to be very interested in seeing the band I am featuring this month, Think Pink Floyd!

Think Pink Floyd is the Tri-state area’s most popular Pink Floyd Tribute and if you have ever seen them, you understand why. I spoke to founder and driving force behind Think Pink Floyd, Billy Martin who told me, “Think Pink Floyd delivers a concert experience that captures the mood, emotions and the intensity of the Pink Floyd theatrical presentation.” This 6 piece band features four vocalists, album sound effects and a choreographed light show of rolling fog and state-of-the-art intelligent lighting and the same back drop video used by Pink Floyd. Billy explained, “At a Think Pink Floyd show, you are led along many beautiful and complicated paths through ‘Speak to Me’, ‘Breathe’, ‘On The Run’ and ‘Time’, before the show climaxes with ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’.”

I asked Billy what he felt was different about what they do and he explained “We try to play this music note for note, just as Pink Floyd would play it. We like to see ourselves as a concept band. We work hard on getting every aspect of the presentation right. Everything has to be dead on and still remain faithful to what we feel is the spirit of Pink Floyd”. Judging from the facial expressions and reactions of the band’s audience, Think Pink Floyd does just that!

When speaking with Billy, I really got the impression that Think Pink Floyd is really not about the individual band members, but more about the music of Pink Floyd as a whole. Each member is very dedicated to putting on the best show possible and they take it very seriously. They do quite a bit from the albums, “Dark Side of The Moon”, and of course, “The Wall”, but they will also mix in songs from every Pink Floyd album which is really a treat for all who love their music. It’s almost like seeing the real thing!

Think Pink Floyd has been called “The Greatest Pink Floyd Show” and there is no wondering why. Anyone that has seen them perform can attest to the high level of musicianship and real feel of the music you will experience. This isn’t something you would attend and expect to hear a mediocre rendition…this is as close as you are going to get without going to see the REAL Pink Floyd! If you want to experience the music for yourself, here are some of their upcoming shows:

8/5 – 6 pm Free Concert at The Quakertown Music Festival (700 W Mill St Quakertown PA)
8/11 – 1 pm Tribute Palooza 2012 at The Ukie Club (847 N Franklin St Phila PA)
8/18 – 10 pm Sweeney’s Station Saloon (13639 Philmont Ave Phila PA)
9/15 – Us and Them Think Pink and Steal Your Face at The Legendary Dobbs (304 South St Phila PA)

You can stay in touch with the band and follow them by viewing their full schedule any time at ; Get ready to have your mind blown!

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