July 14, 2024

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Redz Bar & Grille Saturdays
SmokeEaters – Thursdays

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tnThis month we feature a real Dj spinner. by the name of DJ Casa ( Carlos Torres)…yes this guy loves to spin vinyl and we caught up with him at his saturday night gig at REDZ Bar & Grille in NE Phila,…
OOT-How long have you been spinning the music?
” I have been into doing the DJ thing for over 20 years….I started when I was 13 years old” says Dj Casa.
OOT-Do you just spin vinvl?
” I love to mix and using vinyl – to me this is a real DJ. I have the CD’s and Laptop but I prefer doing the real mixing. We caught him in action over at Redz Bar & Grille and this guy can lay-down the sounds. His mixing is flawless…he’s true to his craft of being a DJ. Even in this new digital world….seeing the turntables in action is a cool sight to b seen by all.
OOT- What kind of music do you like to push?
” I can play everything and anything but my real passion is Tech House”
OOT- in your own words what make a great DJ in today’s music scene?
“To me a great DJ is the person who can adapt to the crowd and can move a dance floor”
OOT – What are your favorite radio stations?
“Area and BPM on XF radio for house and back spin for hip hop.

You can see him in action at Redz Bar & Grille each saturday night and also on thursdays at SmokeEaters…
Dj Casa can also do private parties and you can make contact him by calling 215-500-0782
you can email him at: Deejaycasa@Yahoo.com He’s a real DJ and doing it the way it use to be…see him in action whey you can.

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