August 7, 2022

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Thank you Philadelphia Phillies for a Great Season!

It sure was a sensational year for our Fightin’ PHILLIES and a great year for all of us baseball fans. What could have been? – just did not play out the way we all wanted it to. We have to sit back now and just know that what we have here is a great team and with a couple of pitchers and some improvement in hitting…heck, we can be back there again…I say, we are in for more great years of good baseball with this team. The Yankees came away with some stronger pitching and some smart hitting … no one can say any different. They did what they had to do. And last night
they went out and did it.
Our new Issue is getting out there and with this ISSUE … we had a photo taken at Mc NOODLES the night the PHILIES won the NLCS…this is how I well remember the year..the excitment of winning the divison. Yes, it would have been the ultimate to see them win the World Series but we all know what happen last night. I say now time to move on and move forward…SUNDAY is coming…now the stage is on focus with the EAGLES to beat DALLAS…now this is great entertainment too. SEE THE NEW OOT NOW UP ONLINE! When it come to great entertainment in our region and Where to Go and What to Do…each OOT is packed with the kind of things you really want to know about. OOT offers the best that there is in our local entertainment scene. The People, the Places and the Prices you want to know about.
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