October 19, 2021

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Them Bones…Pedal to The Floor Rock and Roll

By:  Krista Doran

BANDCUTThem Bones is a name that may sound very familiar to you.  For 4 years now, this band has been rocking bars and clubs in NJ & PA, building up quite a name and following.  I spoke with Guitar player, Brian Mariano and asked him why they have had such good success and he told me, “  We are very high energy with no bells and whistles.  We don’t wear costumes or give out prizes or anything like that.  During a typical show our lead singer, Chris Vanzyl is all over the place getting people jacked up and into it.  We just rock out as hard as we can and have a blast doing it!”

Another reason why Them Bones may sound familiar is that they were last year’s winner of the WMGK House Band Competition.  Brian told me what a great experience that was for them.  They went into it with no real expectations and worked hard on learning new music, just figuring they would see what happens.  Brian told me, “We learned about 50 Classic Rock songs in a month to prepare for the first show.  It was John Debella’s Halloween Bash at Finnegan’s Wake.  It was tough – every one of us was sick.  But we pushed through it and the crowd had a blast.  The WMGK people were great to us and playing the “Let Freedom Rock” fest was really cool”.

Them Bones definitely has a lot of fans in the area too.  We recently set up on online pole on Facebook, asking people to vote for their favorite local bands and these guys had the most votes out of any other local cover band.  Playing songs in their own way has certainly given them an edge.  Although they are good enough to cover a song note for note, they prefer to put their own spin on things, keeping that high energy going so that things don’t get stale.  Brian explained, “For us in the band, every show is really a party.  We love to play and watch people dancing and digging the music.

This is a band that just likes to see everyone enjoying themselves.  Brian said, “We just want people to have a great time with us.  We have no agenda, but to have fun.  Just like, ‘Hey, we are having a party, there’s gonna be beer, you guys should come’”

If you would like to go see Them Bones perform live, here are a couple of their upcoming dates: 12/3 – The Taproom Grill in Haddon Township, NJ; 12/9 – Sam’s Bar & Grille in Blackwood, NJ.  You can see their full schedule and listen to recordings on their website at http://thembones.webs.com.

Them Bones is:  Chris Vanzyl – Vocals; Chris Smith – Drums; Mike Hegeman – Bass;

John Carpenter – Guitar and Brian Mariano – Guitar.  The OOT would once again like to congratulate the band on winning our pole, and wish you continued success for years to come!


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