June 18, 2024

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In the Spotlight…..Incognito

By: Krista Doran

Incognito is a band comprised of 5 seasoned musicians, who have all been involved in other projects over the course of the last several years. It all began a couple of years ago with a close friendship between 4 of the members (Mark, Anthony, Adam and Chris) but it was not until they found that missing piece in lead singer, Jen, who by joining, made the band complete. Incognito is a band that is diverse in sound and song choices, because they take the time to put their own unique touches on each and every song. I asked Lead Guitarist, Mark Fisher what he thought was different about his band and he told me, “We are different because we are authentic. We do not use pre-recorded tracks or sequencing like a lot of bands are doing. We play real music with real instruments, and still manage not to sound like a garage band. We also try to bring some originality to the songs, while keeping their integrity.”
This approach has certainly been working for the band. They have a full schedule, and are playing some great rooms such as PJ Wheilihan’s, Tom & Jerry’s, The Springfield Inn, Shady Katie’s, Rick’s American Cafe and many more. The band performs as the full 5 piece but also trims down for smaller rooms as a duo or trio and is perfect for any club or venue. Incognito’s repertoire is very diverse and they are very particular about playing songs that will entertain everyone. Mark told me, “We play all the greatest hits from the past few decades including, but not limited to, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Dance and Hip Hop. We try to cover a very wide spectrum. We know we can’t please everyone, but damn it, we try!” You can always expect an Incognito show to be “one Kick-Ass party,” as Mark put it and I am sure the crowds that party right along with them will agree. Their shows are energetic, funny and filled with great tunes. The first set of every show will consist of mainly rock songs so people can just jam out, while having a few cocktails. The 2nd set is time to dance, with lots of great hits we all know and love. The last set is typically the sing-a-long set, with lots of crowd participation.

Incognito is definitely a band that loves to ROCK OUT! They get so much enjoyment from playing songs that aren’t the typical ones played by most other bands and they take some chances with tier song selections. Mark told me, “We want everyone to know that it is an honor and a privilege to do what we do. We are like a family, the best of friends, and to be able to get out there and jam with buddies is truly a blessing. It is the friends, family and fans of Incognito that make all that possible, and we thank every single one of you. Having said that, we are committed to providing the best and most entertaining shows as possible, because we owe the audience that.” Anyone can get up in front of a crowd and play music, but entertaining them is a whole other story. Incognito comes through with both great music played very well, and also with that entertainment factor that some have forgotten about.

Incognito is Jen Magro on Lead Vocals, Mark Fisher on Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals, Adam Holcombe also on Guitar, Keys, Lead & Backing vocals, Anthony Scafidi on Bass, Keys and Vocals and Chris McLachlan on drums. Please be sure to check out the official Incognito website at www.incognitophilly.com to view their whole schedule, see videos of the band and learn more about each member. The band is booked and managed by Shore Bets 215-884-4357.

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