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Volume 39 Number 03

• March 1, 2017 to March 22, 2017 •

By Alexa Raquel

Speaking of talent that’s

available, how about Philly’s

own musical prodigy, Chris

Leggerie?! Truly a world-

level vocalist and multi-

instrumentalist. At any given

show, you can see this rare

talent pick up virtually any

instrument and be surpris-

ingly well-versed on it. At

one of Chris’s shows that

I recently attended, I think

I saw him pick up a guitar,

a bass, play drums, key-

boards, and sing lead all

within the same song – LOL.

Just kidding. But he really

did play every instrument on

that stage in one night, and

he didn’t miss a beat. It was

absolutely incredible. Not to

mention that Chris has one

of the greatest musical ears

around. Chris, being a great

pal of mine, has filled in with

my band on occasion, and

when I tell you this guy hits

every harmony that your

brain could imagine, I’m not

kidding. In fact, I know really

excellent, well-known musi-

cians who have on occasion

asked Chris for his expertise

in helping them to work out

harmony parts.

It comes as no surprise that

a guy with this level of tal-

ent has been in a lot of the

top bands. Chris was the

original drummer from the

Rockets, the Heartbeats,

and most recently, the

former drummer/vocalist of

the Chatterband.

Currently, you can

see Chris perform-

ing solo – but this

is not your usual

solo act where you’ll

see some ballad-

eer sitting behind

a keyboard. You

could hand Chris

a kazoo and he’d

get the party going.

I’ve also seen Chris

periodically perform

as a duo with a girl

singer. And I have

to give credit where

it’s due, because it’s

probably no easy

task to have to sing

next to someone

like Chris with his

level of talent. At

least personally, I

wouldn’t want to be that girl


One of the things that’s

super awesome about Chris

is that, whenever I see him

play, I’m truly entertained.

It’s never a “Hey Chris, that

was a nice set you played.”

It’s always “Chris, where the

hell did you pull that song

from? Wow, I can’t believe

you played that!” And I think

that’s what’s so special

about him. Being a profes-

sional entertainer sometimes

can turn into being a profes-

sional talker. Someone who’s

all about the shtick – well,

that couldn’t be further from

Chris. Chris lets his talent do

the talking. You could drop

me off in any nightclub park-

ing lot, and before I even get

in the place, I could tell you

I’m listening to Leggerie.

If you haven’t seen Chris

before, you need to get to

one of his shows ASAP.

Or better yet, go jam with

him at the open mic that he

hosts on Wednesdays at The

Upper Deck Bar and Grill

from 7-11pm! 2621 Durham

Road. Chris loves his fellow

musicians and invites any-

one and everyone to come

up and play. For booking

inquiries, call 215.206.9788

or email Chris at Leggr846@

The Philadelphia Saint

Patrick’s Day Parade kicks

off at 16th and JFK Blvd

and proceeds east on

Market Street to reviewing/

judging stand at 5th and

Market Sts and proceeds

east to Penn’s Landing.

The 2017 Philadelphia

St. Patrick’s Day Parade,

which will be held on Sun-

day, March 12th from Noon

through 3pm, will air LIVE

on Fox 29!

There will be an encore

of the Philadelphia St. Pat-

rick’s Day Parade on Friday

March 17th also from Noon

through 3pm on Fox 29!

Stay tuned to:

Fox 29 TV, www.FOX29.

com and to The St. Pat-

rick’s Day Observance

Association www.philadel-


additional details about this

year’s parade and other

exciting events!

Congratulations to the

2017 Grand Marshal: BAR-


Congratulations to the

Ring of Honor for 2017

Patrick Boyle Philadelphia

Police Officer (Ret.)

Jude Conroy Esquire As-

sistant District Attorney of


Gerard Dillion President

Gaelic Athletic Association

of Philadelphia

John Dougherty (Ret.)

Philadelphia Family Court


Robert T. Heenan IOUE Lo-

cal 542 Business Manager

Robert Hurst Philadelphia

Police Officer (Ret.)

James E. Lennox Philadel-

phia Police Officer (Ret.)

William Maye Philadelphia

Police Officer Captain

Michael P Meehan Esquire

Edward Miller Philadelphia

Police Officer

Edward P. Monaghan Phila-

delphia Police Detective


Thomas N. O’Donnell AOH

Division 39

Joseph Sullivan Phila-

delphia Police Dept.

Homeland Security Chief


Chris Leggerie

2017 Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade