The Great Scott Band…“Expect the Unexpected”

Feb 17, 2010

By:  Krista Doran


Some people have asked me why I don’t always write about the bands that play the bigger rooms.  I have done so in the past, but in my opinion those are not the bands that really need a story written about them.  I mean let’s face it; these bands get to play the bigger rooms and don’t have to do too much to get people out to see them because the club itself usually has a built-in crowd or they have an agency working with them that does most of their advertising for them.  I would rather write about the bands that aren’t so corporate; the ones that work hard and without the help of an agency, simply for the love of playing music.  I like to pick out those bands that truly are “diamonds in the rough” so that I can share them with our readers and let them know how much talent there really is out there and that you don’t have to settle for the “same old, same old”.  One of the bands that I would really like you to go see is The Great Scott Band.

I first met these guys at a small, neighborhood bar in Port Richmond called My Blue Heaven and I was really blown away by how talented they all were.  Their lead singer, Noel Diaz is definitely one of the best front men in this entire area, in my opinion.  He has such an impressive vocal range and can hit notes most guys can’t even come close to.  Not only is he an extremely gifted vocalist, Noel plays just about every instrument there is!  I have seen him play rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums, horn, flute, keyboards, all in one night!  Hell, I have a feeling he can play just about anything!  But what I really love about The Great Scott Band is their ability to ignore set lists and just play music the crowd wants to hear.  I chatted with their drummer Frank Marchiano, and he explained how the whole band really feeds off of the crowd.  “We love to take requests” says Frank, “it’s so much more challenging to figure out songs on the spot sometimes and it really makes our show fun and spontaneous for the people that come to see us.”  Well, that’s a fact Jack!  I am one of their fans and I can tell you the crowds that come to see this band again and again come because of the diversity of what they play and their uniqueness.

A usual night for The Great Scott Band begins on the softer side as Frank told me, “we like to start off with some acoustic music earlier in the night because at many of the places we play, people are still enjoying their dinner and we want to keep them there as long as possible. Then we work in some dance tunes and start to move to classic rock.  By the middle of the night it starts to get crazy with everyone enjoying themselves and this is when we like to start taking requests”  You don’t usually see too many people leave during one of their shows.  Everyone sticks around because quite honestly, you just want to see what this band is going to do next!  But don’t let their originality and spontaneity take away from the fact that this is a professional group of musicians.  The Great Scott Band can stand up with any band out there on the circuit talent-wise, and their love for playing music sets them above just about any band I know.  As Frank put it, “we just want to please all ages and cover as much music as possible, play requests and play them well.”

The members of The Great Scott band are: Noel Diaz, Frontman and rhythm guitar, Steve Dreisbach, lead guitar and vocals, Frank Marchiano, drums and vocals and Crohan DeLamar on bass guitar and vocals.  Take my advice and go see this band.  Even if it’s just once – do it.  These guys are amazing. Bar and club owners – if you want a band that is going to do a great job at your establishment, bring people in and keep everyone entertained all night, this is the band for you.  You can go to their website right now at to see where they are playing next and to hear some samples, as well as contact the band.  See you there!

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