Blue Reign….. “The Blues Reign Supreme”

Jan 27, 2010

By: Krista Doran

OOT_BlueReignPicI don’t know about you, but when I go out to see a live band, I like to dance. If you are the same way and if you like the Blues, get ready to party because Blue Reign will knock your socks off!

Fronted by Traci Adams, a striking blonde female singer who is bold, fun and has one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard, this band holds the Blues in the highest regard. “If you play the Blues, it’s something that has to come from the soul” says Traci. “The Blues have a way of taking over your emotions and that always comes through whenever we play. We give people happy feet!”

Although there are many styles of Blues, Blue Reign sticks with “Rockin’ Blues” and Traci has the range to sing anything from Etta James or Susan Tedeshi right on through to BB King and Clapton. This versatile Diva is backed by a highly energetic band who will keep a room jumping from the very first note they play. The band is very close, in fact Traci’s husband George is her lead guitarist and they have been playing together for 16 years. I asked George how he and he and Traci get along combining everyday life with band life and George told me, “It’s like any other relationship. Traci tells me what to do and I do it!” Just for the record, George is a wise man!

Blue Reign has quickly been making a name for themselves in the area and not just at Blues venues, either. Many bands try and build a following but fail because they just don’t have what it takes. But this band certainly does and they have lots of friends and fans who have been helping them along the way, including Traci’s longtime friend and manager, Karyn Cullen. “Karyn has been a huge part of our success. She books the band, does our photography and marketing and has been so supportive. We could not have done any of this without her.”

You can check out Blue Reign next at McStew’s Irish Bar in Levittown on Thursday, February 11 at their famous “Blues Thursdays” which is hosted every week by the Bucks County Blues Society. Over the years, this event has been graced by many great local Blues artists such as The Buicks, Mikey Jr. and Stone Cold Blues, Steve Guyger and Rev. Flamin’ Harry, just to name a few. On February 11th, Blue Reign will be added to the list and will certainly prove to be one of the best!

Blue Reign is Traci Adams on Lead Vocals and Percussion, George Adams on Lead Guitar, Rando Branning on Rhythm/Bass Guitar, Jerry Smith on Bass Guitar, Frank Persico on Drums, Eddie (Fast Eddie) Scheller on Harmonica and Willie Fisk handles lights and sound for the band. You can go to their website right now at to hear samples of their music and to see where they will be playing next. So if you are looking for a night out that will guarantee a good Blues Rockin’ time, Blue Reign is THE band to see!

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