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May 14, 2013

7C Lounge Is Now Open
DininG ArounD TowN with Roundhouse Ron
7C_Photo_1I am sure that when “John McNesby” (FOP Lodge #5 President), envisioned moving the entire lodge including the catering & tavern to Caroline Road in far Northeast Philadelphia, he knew exactly how phenomenal the new facility would turn out. On January 31, 2013, the all new FOP Lodge #5 opened for business with a new full service elegant catering hall (“Heroes Ballroom”), a private VIP style banquet room (“Michael G. Lutz Room”) & the ultra modern tavern area (“7C Lounge”).
Then what does “John” do, he recruits an outstanding restaurant management person like my man “Jim Harvey” (“Harv”) to run this operation. He has been in the restaurant business since 1978 when he started out @ the original “Chickie’s & Pete’s”, in fact Pete Sr. is the one who gave him the nick name of “Harv”. Worked for “Chickie’s & Pete’s” @ both the original & Roosevelt boulevard locations until 2011, where he moved onto “The Wharf” in Wildwood. Since receiving the call from “John McNesby”, he now found his home @ the all new “7C Lounge” on Caroline Road, just behind the huge old IRS building.
As you enter this fine luxurious establishment, it is very hard not to notice the floor to almost ceiling back bar wall that is complete with rolling ladders to reach product on the top shelves. Honestly I am totally in lust with the 14 state of the art flat screen televisions throughout the wide open space. The “7C Lounge” is furnished with numerous details like the ultra stylish lighting & brass hooks under the bar for gurlz to hang their pocketbooks or jackets. Make sure you look up in the air towards the ceiling, no it’s not a bird or a plane, it’s a highway patrol drill team motorcycle full with flashing lights & siren. How do you top shyt like that, well, stay turned cause I hear so many more new & exciting things will be coming to this fascinating lounge.
On this perfectly sunny Friday afternoon, I traveled to the “7C Lounge” with a few good friendz of mine that included “Lisa”, “Rita” & “Kristen”. All I hadda say to these astonishing young women was that the “7C” serves up the best “Chocolate Martinis” on earth & “BAM”, they were there like clockwork. We all sat at the bar for cocktails, our mixologists (“Claire”, “Chuck”, “Martina”, “Mike” & “Jim”) began to perform their magic & were right on point with such professionalism.
As I begun to soak up the relaxing sleek vibe of the “7C Lounge”, my first course (a salad) arrived in a timely fashion. How could I resist, the name was catching me, so I just had to order the “Jailhouse Steak Salad”, it came with several large pieces of marinated filet mignon, over a bed of chopped romaine lettuce, blue cheese crumbles, slices red onions, roasted red peppers, all topped with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The cuts of beef were seriously so tender, as it melted in my mouth along with the combo of blue cheese & roasted red peppers.
Since I noticed the “7C Lounge” has an interesting selection of Dietz & Watson all beef franks, my pick was gonna be the “Texas Tommy”. This creation rolled out of the kitchen smelling like a piece of the old west, it was a perfectly cook 100% beef hot dog, rolled in several slices of bacon, partnered up with cheddar jack cheese & accompanied by some homemade “7C” BBQ sauce, all on a fresh bun, served with fresh cut french fries & pickles.
If you have been keeping up with my foodie reviews, then you already know that “Roundhouse Ron” freakin luvs wings of all flavors either as an appetizer or as an entree. And on this day, I went with the “Cajun Wings”, how can you go wrong with a stack of freshly cooked buffalo wings, seasoned to perfection & fried spot on with a nice crispy coating. They were served with fresh celery & homemade “7C” blue cheese dressing for dipping. The “7C Lounge” has a delectable selection of buffalo wings, that include “Cajun Wings”, “Hot Wings”, “Mild Wings”, “JD BBQ Wings” & “Thai Sweet Chili Wings”.
Now, everyone enjoys a good chicken parm from time to time, so my entrée was a given with an obvious choice. The “Chicken Parmigiana” was a prime selected piece of fresh chicken breast, seasoned, breaded with a special coating, fried to a golden brown, topped with homemade “7C” marinara sauce, coated with fresh mozzarella cheese then baked. It all comes served over a very satisfying serving of linguine pasta & homemade “7C” marinara sauce. All I needed was a few sprinkles of hot peppers, garlic powder & grated cheese, OMFG, I just died & went to Italian heaven, this was better than any chicken dish I ever tasted.
After my spectacular dinner, a meal fit for a king, my crazy freakin azz just had to meet the master chef of these exdronary entrees. After traveling to the kitchen area, I could not believe my eyez, cause standing in front of me was a good friend from my foodie past, “Bob DeLange” is the head chef of the “7C Lounge” & a great culinary genus. Let me fill you in with a few thingz about my boy Bob, he started cooking at the young age of 14 years old in a local pizza shop named “Gina’s”. Then went onto restaurant cooking school, and got a job with a French bistro named the “The Blue Angel”, from there he moved over to the “Philadelphia Fish & Company” also on Chestnut Street in center city. Bob’s resume is highlighted with other places under his belt like the “Pine Valley Golf Club Resort”, “The Wharf” In Wildwood & “Pasiano’s” Philly Style. This is one phenomenal chef & I personally have enjoyed his cooking on many occasions.
I gotta give a big shout out to the very knowledgeable servers & waitress staff, which includes “Colleen”, “Bridget”, “Judy”, “Brittany” & “Danielle”. All of you gurlz seriously rocked out your job & the part of an energetic, pleasant & very informational about the menu items, which is a huge plus. There is no way I can write about the “7C Lounge” & not talk about my gurl “Samantha Vivarina” (administrator), this gurl has a stunning personality & was my personal paparazzi the night I was there, then I found my mug shot on the “Phila FOP5 7C Lounge” facebook page, I am still cracking up.
Right now, the “7C Lounge” is open 7 days a week for dining & adult beverages from 7am to 3am. Thursday evenings are “Ladies Night” with $2 Twisted Tea bottles & $4 Martinis from 8pm to 10pm, along with live entertainment music. On Friday & Saturday nights, the “7C” is jumping with a DJ dance music party from 9pm to 3am. Future events include “Bike Night Mondays” for all my motorcycle friendz & “Hard Shell Crab Night” is coming very soon, so keep your eyez open.
On May 18, 2013 (Saturday afternoon) from 3pm to 7pm, you must attend the Philadelphia FOP Lodge #5 Police Survivors Fund Benefit, this is the 17th year for this outstanding event. All of the proceeds go to this fund that supports the families of the fine police officers (heroes) that were killed in the line of duty. I personally attend this event every year & this is the first time it will be in far northeast Philly @ The FOP Lodge #5, with events both inside & outside venues. Just $30 includes draft beer, food buffet, $2 well drinks, silent auction, 50/50’s, Chinese raffle, DJ music & 6 live bands. Please get your azz to this event, support this cause & let do a few shotz in memory of these fine men & women who gave their lives.
I don’t really need to rate the “7C Lounge” on my “Roundhouse Ron” scale of local eateries, cause this place is freakin awesome & to be honest I have attended a few events & parties already here, with each time being a very delightful & refreshing pleasure, that was so very needed in the northeast area of Philadelphia. Not if, but when you go to the “7C”, please make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
You seriously gotta stop by the “7C Lounge”, 11630 Caroline Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154, 215.676.HERO (4376), they can also be found on social media @ facebook, just go to: “Phila FOP5 7C Lounge & Heroes Ballroom”. Or check out their website link: www.fop5.org/hall/catering. “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Drinks, The “7C Lounge” & Heroes Ballroom Have All The Bases Covered”

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