Bartender of the Month…March 2013..Danielle Jovovich

Mar 6, 2013

2013-03-03_18.38.38This Issue’s bartender of the month is Danielle Jovovich from the new Sheffield Tavern..some weeks back she was featured on the front cover of the Christmas Issue for the OOT…and we did make mention that coming up we would do a bartender feature. So for this St  Patty’s special edition here is a great gal who is also kind of special to many over at the Sheffield Tavern.

OOT – How tall are you?” I’m 5′ ”7”
OOT-Eye Color? Sometimes Blue, sometimes green… They change with what I wear.
OOT– How long have you been a bartender? – Not long, almost 2 years. Just kinda fell into it!
OOT– When do you work? Shifts? I work only at The New Sheffield Tavern..I work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights 7pm-2am.
OOT– What do you like most about being a bartender? I love meeting new people, I love where I work most of all… All of the staff…management/owners… are really awesome, fun people to be around. We’re  kind of like a family! I feel like the bartenders can and should be the life of the party. It’s a lot of fun & I love to have fun! I’m pretty good at it too!   Listening to people’s problems and helping them through situations is also a plus!
OOT-What is your favorite radio station? I’m not much of a radio person. I’m addicted to my iPod. If I had to pick –  it would probably be Wired 96.5.
OOT– Do you like sports? If so, what teams? I Love all sports. I was a cheerleader most of my life, so Yes, i consider that a sport! I love the Phillie’s and Flyers & most of all tailgating.
OOT-Hobbies? I have a soon to be 7 year old daughter, so my hobbies are usually anything that keeps her smiling. I like going to the gym, being around friends! Sea Isle in the summer time!
OOT-Favorite drink? Right now I’m addicted to Cherry Vodka, Water and my zero calorie Crystal light flavors! lol!!
OOT- Favorite drink to serve? Well that would have to be a drunk invention by The Sheffield’s Girls softball team and  we called it “The firecracker”, tastes just like a  Popsicle!  Come try it.

Well there you have it our bartender of the month Danielle..and in your travels make sure to stop over to the new Sheffiled Tavern and meet up with her this week…. see more of Danielle at:

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