DJ of The Month…DJ Stampone

Dec 31, 2012

MeI’m DJ Stampone (Mike Stampone). I’m 22 years old and in just six short months, I’m arguable the number one DJ in Northeast Philadelphia, I was born and raised in the Rhawnhurst section of Northeast Philadelphia. I graduated in 2009 from Northeast Highschool where I was very athletic. But mostly with baseball. It was not until two summers ago that I realized that I could possibly be a DJ.

I was playing music off my Ipod at a house party in the summer of 2011 and I realized that I had everybody up dancing and singing the whole time. That was the day I noticed I had great song selection, which is key for DJ’ing. So I said to myself, “Can I really be a DJ? Can I really go out in public and do this as a living?”. But it was not until this past June that I actually started taking it seriously. My first gig was an 8th grade graduation party. Then the word spread about me. I started to get a great following from adults, all the way down to the kids, and of course my great family and friends.

I play every kind of music you can imagine. From Sinatra, to Avicii, to Jason Aldean, and back down to Usher. I really do love and play every kind of genre of music. I’ve always felt that to be a good DJ, you just play the music you like. But to be a great DJ, you must open your mind to others. Get to know and enjoy their style of music and genres. Be about the people and not about yourself. Go out in the public, introduce yourself to strangers that came to see you DJ, and make conversation. But most of all, show off your personality. That way every time your fans come to see you perform, they feel like they know you personally.

For equipment…I have my Laptop with the DJ program, Mixer, Headphones, and Microphone. I DJ all over Northeast Philadelphia and recently just started DJ’ing at PBR Bar & Grill inside Xfinity Live Philadelphia in South Philly. I also have recently started DJ’d in New York City by Times Square. I will also be traveling to Atlanta in February to perform as well. The places I work in the Northeast are Hammerheads, Alberts Cafe, Paddy Whacks Welsh Road, and JJ’s Irish Pub (Formerly The Bogside Irish Pub). Thursdays I’m at Paddy Whacks, Saturdays I’m at JJ’s, and Sundays I’m at Hammerheads (The number one bar in Northeast Philly).

I also make a lot of guest appearances and do many private events all over the area. … 215-828-1642

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