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Dec 2, 2009

Some of the best acts out there and worth it to see: Stems and Seeds, Paint Box, Slim Bob & the New Electrics, Release, Modern Bliss, Scream, DOC HOLLYWOOD, Monkey Bus , Goodman Fiske, Queen Helene, Sapphire, WildChild, The Big Jangle, Jumper, GROOVE TRAIN RIDERS, LE COMPT, 39 Mariner,American Tabolid, Chorduroy, DROP DEAD SEXY, Eleven-Eleven, John Mc Nutt, Nameless Few,Octane,Steamroller Picnic,Technical V, Tripp Fabulous, Short Long and the Jersey Horns, Second Majesty. Dont’ Call Me Francis, The Exceptions, FM BAND, The Heartbeats,Bandstand. (* Speciality Band )- *THE BOG SIDE ROGUES. *Anthony Renzuli Band *Best of South Jersey in the Original arena.
In the pages of OOT you will see some of these acts at some of the best area locations….WE SAY…SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC
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