Slim Bob and the New Electrics “Bridging the Gap between Blues and Rock”

Nov 24, 2009

By Krista Doran

slimbobWe all have different taste in music, that’s a given. I mean lets face it; there are a lot of different types of music from the incredible to the completely bizarre. What one person may think is talent may make another person’s ears bleed. I have a pretty eclectic collection of music at home and I enjoy just about anything that isn’t Top 40, RAP or something my 12 year old niece would listen to. One genre I never really seemed to get very excited about however is Blues. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but some of the local Blues bands I have had the chance to see sounded great for the first 3 or 4 songs and then everything just started to sound the same. I would often wonder when the last song ended and the next one began. Well, that was the case until I was introduced to Slim Bob and the New Electrics!

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Slim Bob who is a very well-known Blues artist from the Philly area. The original version of the band, Slim Bob and the Electrics, actually formed in the 80s and were together nearly a decade. Then after several years of a successful career playing on his own and with many other Blues musicians including Billy Branch, Magic Slim and the Teardrops, Kenny Neal, Byron King and the King Snakes, Fat Head, Brothers from Another and Philadelphia’s own Toni Washington as well as many others, Slim Bob reformed the band with new players in 2008, calling them the NEW Electrics. This is not your typical Blues, and as Slim Bob explained “what we play is called House Rockin’ Blues, also known as Chicago-style Jump Blues.” Being the Blues novice that I am, I asked Slim Bob what that was exactly and he explained that “it’s the original Blues which came from the South, but when musicians brought the sound North to the Chicago area they added a more amplified and electric sound to it, making the tunes upbeat or “jumpy.” This is when Chicago-style Jump Blues was born.

Slim Bob and the New Electrics have now been together over a year and have been playing many diverse venues, offering a great time for anyone who likes to dance. In addition to the old favorites by artists like Muddy Waters, James Cotton and BB King, the band also has several original tunes they mix in. These guys are really diverse in what they play, too. They tend to lean towards the Rock-n-Roll side of Blues and will perform songs by Amos Lee, Randy California and even Steppenwolf. If you go see Slim Bob and the New Electrics, expect a very professional show that is energetic, interactive and tells many stories, paying homage to the original artists who wrote the songs. The band recently opened up for Mike LeCompt at Puck in Doylestown, and they have some upcoming shows including 11/28 at The Glacier in Saylorsburg PA, 12/12 at the Andalusia Stadium in Bensalem and 12/26 at The Hollywood Tavern in Rockledge, PA.

You can go to their website to listen to their music and also see their full schedule and how to get in touch with the band. If you go see them take my advice – bring your dancing shoes honey, because these guys will rock the house!

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