Vans Warped Tour in Camden NJ

Sep 19, 2012


The Vans Warped Tour is a premier event that comes to the Tri state area every year. For the past 17 years the VWT has showcased many unknown bands that have needed to be heard. This year was no exception. I didn’t get a chance to see all of the bands so I will tell you about some of the ones I did.

Sleeping With Sirens

is a 5 piece post-hardcore band that just Rocks. I’m not sure what exactly Post-hardcore is but they sounded great and the crowd loved them. Singer Kellen Quinn opened up and told the crowd this next song for a guy who has really missed out on a lot. He said, ”if your going to make a son, at least stick around to see how he turned out”. I love that this kid writes songs about his life.. Check them out if you can, it will be worth it.

MGK..Machine Gun Kelly

Who the hell is this guy and why is he not a super star? Could be because he is from Cleveland Ohio and not a lot of hardcore Rappers come from there. I’m kidding, MGK Took the stage to a whole lot of people who knew exactly who he was. I was impressed, extremely impressed. The set was full of hooky songs with crowd participation spots. He had a live band that actually played their instruments and played them well. I loved this set and was worried about who was up next.


Watching Justina on the side of the stage while MGK slayed a crowd of thousands I was curious how she would perform to this already frenzied crowd. As she was about to go on I looked around and everyone was gone. Apparently ALL TIME LOW was playing another stage. They are super hot right now and it was a terrible spot for her. Justina is a Rapper/singer from North Jersey who truly has a ton of talent. She is an amazing singer and can play the guitar well. For this show she was supporting he new album RT 80 Mixtape. This set is no indication of whom she is and what she can really do live. Billing herself as the hiphop Joan Jett, she is far from Joan Jett. Her guitar player made the one mistake that is not appreciated in these parts. He insulted the few people that were there. It made me cringe. Telling the crowd that if they didn’t like your music they could go fuck themselves is a deal breaker. All of the music was prerecorded and the live band was completely unnecessary. The best song she had was called “Boom Fuck it “ which will never make it to mainstream radio. I hope for the sake of her career she stops rapping and starts singing and playing guitar because that is where her true talent lies.

Here  are a couple of honorable mentions. Sick of Sarah rocked Ballyhoo grooved and the Lost Prophets were as great as ever.

There were lots of bands and lots of causes. It was a great day all the way around.

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