Looseleaf Trio…A Trio That Packs A Powerful Musical Punch

May 16, 2012


By: Krista Doran

Several months ago we arrived at Curran’s Bensalem for one of our gigs.  We always arrive at the venues we play early enough to have plenty of time to set up, and mingle with friends for a bit.  Curran’s has been having acoustic music there on Friday nights before the bands start, and while we were there we happened to catch the last set of a band called Looseleaf Trio.

I was already aware of Rhett Tierney who is the guitar player and lead vocalist for the band.  The Doran family has been lifelong friends with the Tierney clan, so when Rhett’s dad Brian first told me about them I made sure to take notice.  As we walked in to Curran’s, the first thing that caught my attention was the 3 part harmony ringing through the entire room.  I put down my gig bag and just sat and watched these 3 young men do their thing.  I have to admit, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to cover bands.  I have seen so many over the years, that some just start to sound alike.  Not these guys…they have a unique sound and style all their own.  I loved it!

Looseleaf Trio formed after Rhett had been doing a lot of solo acoustic gigs and was tired of being limited to just gigging alone.  He soon called on his old friends and former band mates Andrew Napoli and Keith Boehm to join him and form a more serious group.  Soon after forming, they started playing a few gigs a week and also started performing some original material as well.  The trio has been together now for almost 2 years and have really been turning a lot of heads out there.  Their shows truly are like a breath of fresh air!

If you go to see Looseleaf Trio (which I highly recommend) you are really going to enjoy it.  They play music from several different genres.  I spoke with Rhett and he told me, “We don’t like to limit ourselves to a certain genre.  We play classic hits that everyone loves and will sing along to.”  Their shows consist of many different cover tunes ranging from Sam Cooke to Sublime, with a selection of their own originals peppered in.  In fact, even their originals are catchy and upbeat, full of deep lyricism and emotion.  It is a high energy show and not your typical mellow acoustic.

The Looseleaf trio may be just that, a trio, but their sound is as full as a regular band.  They are gigging at least 4 nights a week now.  They play steady at Curran’s Irish Inn on Friday nights and at Paddy Whacks on Welsh Road on Sundays.  They also host an open mic at Dean Casmirri’s Colonial Inn on Thursdays.  Saturdays vary and you can catch them playing somewhere in NE Philly or Bucks County.

These 3 guys are doing something right for sure, because the music is excellent and everyone that has seen them just loves what they do!  When I asked Rhett what he wanted to tell all of our readers he told me, “We would like people to know that all we wish to do other than write and perform our music, is to inspire anyone we can in any positive way possible.  Our message is that you can still produce good music and entertain people without gimmicks.”

Looseleaf Trio is:  Rhett Tierney – Guitar, harmonica and lead vocals; Andrew Napoli – Bass guitar and vocals; Keith Boehm – Percussion and vocals. You can check them out online by going to their Facebook page:  Facebook.com/looseleaftrio or on Twitter: Twitter.com/looseleaftrio.  If you are interested in booking Looseleaf Trio, please contact Brian at 267-566-0351. Below is their current schedule for May.  Go check them out!

5/10 Casmirri’s Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1 am
5/16 Kenny’s, Southampton PA  8-12 am
5/17 Casmirri’s Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1 am
5/18 Curran’s Bensalem PA 5-8pm
5/19  Pennsbury High School Prom
5/20 Manny Brown’s 9-1 am
5/24 Casmirri’s Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1am
5/25 Currans Tacony Phila PA 8-1 am
5/27 Paddywhacks on Welsh, Phila PA 9-12 am
5/31 Casmirris Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1am

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