We take on clients that are serious about the local Entertainment Scene and our locations are the best in the region / the focus is on Where To Go and What To Do

Apr 28, 2012

We  work with only the best in the region. When you see it in the OOT Guide…you can expect the best in Entertainment-Prices-and good service…we work hard to make it very easy for you to know what places are worth it to check out and enjoy and what bands and Entertainers are the best out here today….this is our focus and we do this with a passion  and dedication   We work with a selected group of bars, clubs and restaurants & Entertainers.   So when you see what we do online and in our OOT NETWORK…one thing is cut in stone……”When you see it in the OOT > Ya ‘ Know its Gotta Be Good”  There is only one Out On The Town Entertainment Guide….  Your message placed in the OOT – here will never get lost!

When you need to get your health checked out – you go to a Doctor.  When you need your car repaired you go to a mechanic…. So if you are in the bar and Entertainment business – if things are not working for you the way you want – *If your numbers are down = Contact Out On The Town Entertainment Guide.  We are here to HELP you!  CALL Mike Vagnoni and schedule an appointment to help you increase your daily numbers. 215-668-5282   or email to  ootme2@aol.com

*See our client list now >  www.ootonline.com

We reach and target the bar regulars. Nothing else matters.…when you want to make sure your message does not get lost on the information highway,    you  know you have a place to come to that works and has been working for over 33 years!     Cutting  edge and built to stay that way….   See us on your smartphone, (iPhone),iPad, new notebook, or your desktop or laptop…see us on all social media networks….Better yet  See  us in area bars and clubs that  we know  are the best in the region.

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