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Apr 25, 2012

Coming up in the new OOT Guide (April 25th to May 16th)-many exciting things are in store for you-this is all brought to you by the Northeast Car Connection…If you are in need of a car – let them help you find the perfect car – they can also get you the loan – visit them now at or call NOW > 888-847-0833...let them know you are an* OOT reader-fan…and grab a discount…*If you work in the biz…they can help you out big time. Attention all Bartenders and Waiters, DJ’s Local bands and everyone in the local scene….

Here is what’s in store for you.. in the new Out On The Town Entertainment Guide

On the Cover – He’s called Vegas Vibe and he’s back in  his hometown area…*He’s one of the hottest DJ’s in the entire country…direct from Las Vegas..where he performs and also has a radio show…see him starting at Cazz’s on Thursday May 3rd…see the report in the new OOT Guide tonight!

In Memory off: See our item – American Music Legend  Dick Clark – this Icon of American Music will live on Forever! Great item by Lynn.

In the Spotlight:Meet up with the local band KIRKO with a report by our local band editor Krista D…

In Review: Creed … by our concert reporter Jimmy Abagarian

Bartender of the Month: Meet Jody from the Sky Box in Bristol

DJ of the Month: Meet up with DJ Buddy Love – he’s one solid DJ/Entertainer from NE Phila

The Xfinity Live – see what’s there  – at the new entertainment destination spot in South Philly!See this up close look at the new complex by Helene.

*Around Town Photos from Mc Stews and Wired 96.5 Fm with the OOT EXTREME DANCE PARTY Kick-off!  From the morning show Meet up with DJ Tingle…see these photos by Melissa

*Around Town Photos from Chickie’s & Pete’s Cafe with 1210 the Big Talker’s Sid Mark along with Frank Sinatra Jr, with the live radio broadcast of  Sidnatra Cafe  that was held on April 16th…(see the photos!)

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Discovered!… – Find out about  new company that can get you national Attention…thanks to Cindy Margolis…this is where every performer will want to be….see this report by Neil Cirucci

Good Eats: Check out what’s coming down at Amada Restaurant! ( Inside the new Revel Casino in AC Town)

Video  Game Report: Find out about the latest in upcoming Video Games by our Video guru Cowboy Bob!

Astrology: It’s all in the stars and see what’s in store for you this month by Perry.

Hitz Squad:  A Killer Duo plays Da’ Hitz!!!! This band has been up and down the pike for years and  keep the music going.

DR. Lou on Music: He keeps the flow going for those who are getting into the biz or for those who are in the biz…He tells it like it is…each month he hits on a topic that will open up your inner thoughts about music.  Get to understand the biz! * Dr Lou also can be heard weekly on 1360 WNJC and also can be seen on WMCN DT 44 -Comcast with Inside the Music Today….plus he is a bar owner the features open mic nights 24/7 each day @Dr Lou’s Place!

Jimmy Buffett is coming to AC Town at the Boardwalk  Hall  on August 4th  – get the jump on the tickets now!

* Amazing shows are always the norm at the Boardwalk Hall….

Concerts: See the Live Nation Listings and also Listings for the Sun Bank Arena in Trenton NJ

Meet up with Cara & Skaggs – this duo sparked attention in the music competition – contest held at Parx Casinon…meet them in this special OOT guide…see the report by our gal  Rose

Jokes’ by Donny:  Each OOT Guide we want to see you smile …Donny does just that -he’s the guy that’s always all over the place and knows just about everybody…*He’s called the Mayor of Mayfair!  Hey >did you know that Tire Slasher?  U need a smile= he will put one on your face for sure!

Also you will get to see the promotions,and entertainment schedules and all that is going on and being offered to you from our official Out On The Town Hot Spots…get to see the entire picture for the next full month all at one glance!

Out On The Town Entertainment Guide…Each guide is special and shows you – The People, Places and Things that make our local Entertainment Scene the hottest place to be on the East Coast…

Check one out now… see it anytime online or just grab a copy at any of our selected area locations in the region.

*Our dedicated staff help put together the  OOT Guide…we might be a small , but we are very big in size when it comes to the local area Entertainment Scene….”When you see it in the Out On The Town – ya’ know it’s Gotta’ Be Good! Best

Best way to view the OOT   =   (A)> Turn your radio on.    (B> Flip past each page -one by one on your  iPAD, desktop or laptop or your smartphone….feel the fun jumping off of each page!      Enjoy it !   Get to know the Best area locations and the people out here waiting to Entertain you.

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