Bartender Of The Month…Katie from The Road House Inn

Apr 4, 2012


By Mike Vagnoni
Kattie Cahill is a resident from Fairless Hills Pa and has been tending bar for well over 13 years. can see her each week at the Road House located in Newportville Pa…Her shifts are:  Sunday and Monday from 4pm to 9pm and Thursday and Fridays from 9pm to 2am.  She stands in at 5′ 5” tall and has green eyes and black and red hair.  Kattie has one heck of personality – she has plenty of loyal customers who make it a point to see her each week. ” I honestly like talking and getting to know my customers. I like knowing what they drink and having it ready the second they walk in the door. To me being a good bartender is really making sure people are having an awesome time, and I think I am pretty good at that.”she said.
Kattie is also a tattoo apprentice for Pat Ried at Wolf’s Tattooing in the day time and she is a pretty good artist. She has a very creative way about her and it shows.
HOBBIES Drawing & painting, video games & comic books.
FAVORITE RADIO STATION”  Pandora and Slacker Radio
FAVORITE SHORE RESORT: “In the summer I love going to Cape May NJ, My family has been going there for years, it is like a tradition to head to the shore.”
FAVORITE DRINK TO SERVE:  Flaming French Toast
ON SPORTS: She had this to say   “I really have no clue when it comes to sports…but I try”
Kattie, we have to work on that and get you down to see the Phillie’s this year and turn you into a sports fan once and for all…Ha Ha.
This week make it a point and stop over to see Kattie at the Road House. Tell her you did see her in the latest OOT guide.
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