The Burger Bar at Gallo’s

Apr 4, 2012

By Mike De Palma

burger1I know many of you out there are big burger fans. Nothing can match a great burger and to be honest,  finding a place that can wip up a good burger is something that I always keep my eyes open for. There is a hip new spot that I want to share with all of you called the Burger Bar at Gallo’s. The place is located in  the back side of Gallo’s Seafood Restaurant in North East Phila at  8101 Roosevelt Blvd. It is on the side of the building where the parking lot is.  When you enter it will sort of blow you away. The inside decor is trendy, and the vibe is  something you will see in Center City or Olde City…you would not expect to see this kind of place in the heart of NE Philly. Very modern looking and the thought process to create this decor one can only say hat’s off to the designer. They did capture a look that is now and is upscale.
Our visit here was on saturday night this past weekend…and it was around 9Pm…driving up the Blvd we wanted to grab a bite to eat and we noticed the sign…and to be honest, I have been hearing many people that work in the bar / entertainment industry making mentions to this Burger Bar and how good it was. So we say let’s go for it.

The menu is not that big but offers an assortment of starters like: Buffalo Wings $8.95,Lump Crab Bites $9.95, Fried Calamari $8,95 or Beef Suasage & White Bean Chili -Cup $4.95 or Bowl $6.95. They feature sides like French Fries $3.50 or House cut Onion Rings $5.95. They offer Salads and also adult Shakes and  Spiked Shakes.  The Spiked Shakes caught my eye with names like: the Carmael Bourbon Shake, The Dark & Stormy Float, The Knight Rider. The prices on these are around $9.00…  The menu of Burgers that are all cooked with fresh house ground certified angus chuck and hand pressed run from $5.95 for their Burger Bar Classic…add cheese $6.95…then there is the Smokehouse Burger for $7.95 which comes with smoked house bacon, cripsy onion strings with a house barbecue sauce and cheddar. They have the 5 -Napkin Burger $11.95 which is double beef, double cheese,lots of extra bacon and fried fresh egg. There is a Chili Cheeseburger and also a BBCB Burger which is a bacon blue cheese burger with cajun spice $7.95 They also have on the menu other kinds of sandwiches from a Blackened Chicken sandwich which comes with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions with smoked gouda cheese $7.95…other items are Pulled Pork, Fresh Tacos, a Crab Cake sandwich and a Burger Bar Melt $5.95 Also on the menu there is good selection of bottled beers and some craft beers and a nice wine selection along with their special line up of various cocktails.
The service was kind of fast and were seated right away. My date ordered a Corona $4.25 and I had a Miller lite $3.50 and we placed in an order for the wings as a starter.  The wings came and are a good portion that are done perfect. Crispy, the way I like em’ and they are coated with a very good  sauce that has the right kind of zip. The wings come with a blue cheese dressing that was chunky in texture. We did a number on the wings. We talked and could not help but take notice to the folks all sitting at their large bar area. It was a saturday night and the room was alive with people having a great time. We also we’re doing the same thing and having a fun night.

We ordered Burgers:
One was the Smokehouse burger $7.95 and I had the Cheese burger $6.95 and also placed in an order for their French Fries $3.50. The burgers are  a nice size and cooked they way you order them. The burger was very good. We enjoyed the food and noted that this would become one of our new places to hit every so often.  They have 2 large HDTV’s, so this place could be awesome to grab a bite to eat,have a few beers and watch that special sporting event.   This is not a fast food kind of place but one that is really kind of impressive and enjoyable. Our visit to the Burger Bar at Gallo’s was just a great way to take a break and enjoy something to eat on a saturday night.   And if you are looking to impress somebody…this is great way to do just that. As for their prices – they won’t dent your wallet
We will be back soon.

The Burger Bar at Gallo’s

8101 Roosevelt Boulevard
Phila Pa


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