In The Spotlight With “Daze End”…Re-Inventing The Cover Band

Apr 4, 2012
By:  Krista Doran
daze_endWe featured this awesome local cover band a year or so ago, and since then Daze End has been turning heads playing music their own unique way.  In addition to that, they have added a new, tight horn section that amps up their presence that much more.
I interviewed lead singer, Brian Hannon who joined the band last May.  Brian told me, “In the world of cover bands, lots of people play it safe and do the human jukebox thing.  With us, we’re all songwriters and like to keep that creative flow going.  We like to take songs, and put our own personal touch on them.”
Only a band as talented as these 6 guys can successfully pull something like this off.  All 6 members have come from original bands that have toured and have had record deals.  They all have very different styles as well, which results in some very interesting renditions of songs!  Brian comes from the Warped Tour world hailing from Victory in Numbers; Bassist Chris Campbell from the hardcore Ska scene of Daze Alone.  Drummer Mike Hostler was the drummer of the thrash metal band, Solitude and guitarist Bobby Enloe was once part of the hair metal band, Sick Vicky.  Horn players, Colin Sharp and Travis Hill are both Jazz Performance majors at The University of the Arts. This combination of styles really sets this band alone on the cover band scene.
Managed by the Shore Bets Agency in Jenkintown, Daze End plays all over including arena events, such as NHL Hockey games at the Wells Fargo Center to shore points and little bars.  The band is very high energy and as Brian explained to me, “We are light-hearted but intense!  I run around like a crazy person getting the audience involved.  We have a pretty fun dynamic on stage…they are all “giants” and I am a little vertically challenged, which they like to remind me about often!”
Daze End covers all types of music.  New, old…Country to Hard Rock, and always putting a Rock spin to everything they choose to play.  There’s never really a slow moment when they play, either.  They try to keep up a party atmosphere, but still are able to do it in a more creative fashion.  Whether you are just looking for a party or you are a music aficionado, you will enjoy this band. To see their full schedule of shows and events, please visit or you can find them on Facebook.  Daze End is: Brian Hannon – Lead Vocals/Mandolin; Michael Hostler – Drums; Chris Campbell – Bass/Vocals; Bobby Enloe – Guitar/Vocals; Colin Sharp – Saxophone; Travis Hill – Trombone.
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