Jumper: Philly’s Devoted Cover Band

Nov 4, 2009

Written by: Karli Rizzo

3089Philadelphia’s cover band to hear right now is the ever loyal, Jumper.
The band is comprised of: Joe leader singer, Tim guitarist and singer,
JT guitarist and singer, Andrew bassist and singer and Jon drummer and
singer. Jumper has been a remarkable cover band for nearly a decade
Jumper made its national debut on VH1’s “Cover Band Wars” hosted by
Paul Shaffer of The Tonight Show with David Letterman. Competing
against cover bands from across the country, Jumper proved to be the
best performers, winning the competition outright. Since their
appearance on “Cover Band Wars”, Jumper has continued to be successful
due to their unparalleled versatility among local cover bands. Their
ever changing set lists incorporate music styles for a diverse
audience including, classic rock, 80’s, 90’s, current dance, oldies
and much more.
This is a band that wants to focus on their profound ability to
entertain by sharing their musical talent and showcasing their
impressive stage presence. Jumper has played in dozens of premier
venues both locally and nationally including: The Havana, Manayunk
Brewery, Kat Man Du, The Trump Marina, The Eden Lounge in Atlantic
City, Sloppy Joes in Key West, Florida, Fager’s Island in Ocean City,
Maryland and more. Jumper also performs at wedding and various other
private affairs.
Jumper’s ability to adapt and remain energetic for the past ten years
is truly remarkable. Jumper has demonstrated that the bands whose
heart and soul are in their music can preserver in even the toughest
of economic times. A band that can endure a decade’s worth of change
within the music industry is extremely uncommon, except of course in
Jumper’s case. A must see performance, be sure to check out Jumper on
www.myspace.com/jumperphilly for more details on their upcoming shows
starting with November 6 at Harrah’s in Chester.

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