To help stimulate the area Entertainment Scene OOT is on the push to Partner up with more area promotions this comning Spring and Summer

Feb 26, 2012

The area needs the help …the Entertainment scene/ Bar Industry needs the help….so with this OOT is going to do all it can to stimulate the area with EVENTS and promotions….we are going to be sponsoring more events to get people to get out and be active….We want these people to get out and support area locations and you will be seeing more OOT SPONSORED EVENTS ever in our history of covering the local Entertainment scene.

Show the support and get out to some of these events. You will enjoy them.

Making the area Entertainment Scene the hottest in the region is what we try and focus in on with each OOT GUIDE…see it area OOT HOT SPOTS and or see it all online anytime ya’ like.

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