Release…. A Band That Will Satisfy You’re Craving for Some Hard Rock and Metal

Nov 4, 2009

By: Krista Doran

l_05ea88f9a5a6456e9f830ba32c93db65I think I have pointed out on more than one occasion that the Philly area is definitely overrun with Top 40 cover bands. Some may like to hear the same songs played over and over again, but I for one, like a little diversity when I go see live music. Not that there is anything wrong with the Top 40 scene if that is your “cup of tea”. To me though, it’s played out and boring. That is why when a band takes the initiative to be different, I get excited about it. This area could use more acts that strive to be different and these are the bands I like to write about. One act that has definitely taken that step and is making a name out there by doing something different is and band called Release.

Release has actually been around since 2003, performing a harder edge sound than your typical Top 40 band. They specialize in Hard Rock and Metal, while mixing in some great Classic Rock tunes. Although the band has gone through a few personnel changes over the years, according to lead guitarist Michael “Guitar Mike” Margiotta, this is their best line up yet. I asked Mike what made this group of guys different than any other versions of the band, and for that matter, any of the other bands out there doing the same type of music and he told me “Release is no frills and all thrills! We don’t use gimmicks; we just play high energy, kick-ass music that is true to the original song, right down to the guitar solos and vocal and guitar harmonies. We stress the importance of being tight and we play the songs the way people want to hear them.”

Release is a band that can pull off just about any type of music because of their extremely strong musicianship, and they do mix in a few different genres to please everyone in the crowd. They can go from playing songs by Old School Metal bands like Metallica and Pantera, and then go right into some Neil Young, GNR or Led Zeppelin. But when it comes right down to it, as Mike puts it, “We love to play Metal. It’s aggressive and we have many fans that really enjoy it.” There is definitely a huge base of people out there who thirst for Hard Rock and Metal in this area, and Release delivers a very authentic experience in order to quench that thirst, and then some! “When people think of good rocking music, we want people to think of Release as THE band to see” says Mike. “The music we play is definitely intense, and it certainly speaks for itself.”

You can catch Release playing at some great venues such as Whiskey Tango in Philly, McStew’s in Levittown and The Andalusia Stadium in Bensalem. The band is very quickly building a name in the area as a top-notch, hard-rocking band and they are working out dates now for several other rooms. Be sure to check out their Myspace site at to see where they are playing next and also get news on an original project they may soon be announcing!

Release is comprised of 5 extremely talented musicians, Michael “Guitar Mike” Margiotta on Lead Guitar, Pat Rooney, Lead vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Kevin “Kip” Mills on Bass and Backing Vocals, Jorge Caraballo, Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals and Noel Mendez on Drums. No, what you’ve just read is not a typo – Mike and Jorge do play both lead and rhythm guitar – this allows them to perform double leads, staying true to the solos on many of the songs they play. So if hard rock and metal is what you crave, go check out Release. You will be banging your head from the very first note!

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