Stems and Seeds

Feb 22, 2012

tnStems and Seeds originally started out back in 2007 with a unique idea of mixing electric and acoustic instruments to give them a different sound than most bands.  Today, they are totally re-vamped with a very guitar-driven sound and exceptional male and female vocals.  We spoke to their percussionist, Krista Doran who said, “What we started out doing was fun, but the band just naturally evolved and now sounds better than ever.”  Out of the 5 members in the band, there are 4 that sing lead, which really brings a cool diversity to the band.  Each singer has their own style, making them able to perform all different types of music. They tend to stay away from playing the same songs you hear many other bands play and Krista told us, “It’s not that we don’t think these songs are good songs to perform. It’s just that there is so much music out there and we want to give people something else to listen to.  We put a lot of thought into our song choices.” Stems and Seeds plays a combination of Classic and Modern Rock, Funk, Blues and Motown.  One of the things the band is known for is taking an older song, and re-working it to give it a more modern sound.  They have taken songs like “Moondance”, “Brandy”, “Dancing in the Moonlight,” or “Tell Me Something Good” among many others, and have made them more danceable and rocking!  “It makes covering a song a bit more challenging,” Krista explained.  “Of course, there are some songs that need to be played exactly as you would hear on a CD, and on some we do.  But, we also like to have fun with the song choices we make, without changing them too much.  So far, it has really worked out to our advantage.”  We couldn’t agree more and the proof is in the many people that go to see them each and every show!  If you go see Stems and Seeds, expect to not only hear great music.  You are going to have A LOT of fun, too.  Their onstage antics and overall fun-loving attitude is contagious.  You can’t help but have a good time when you see them up there laughing with each other and including the crowd. Krista told us, “We definitely love what we do.  We all get along so well, that it’s just naturally fun for us.  When people see that, they can tell its real and not forced, so they tend to just become part of it.  And this is why we do it.  It’s not about us. It’s about music, fun and friends.  Life is hard and times are tough.  If we can give people a few hours away from the everyday BS, then we did our job.”  This band just seems to have a way about them that will draw you in and make you feel welcome, no matter who you are.  Each member is very personable and takes the time to talk to everyone and thank them for being part of things.  Krista explained, “We just love to make people feel good.  If we see someone singing along, me or Rick will run up to them with the mic or have them up onstage with us.  If it’s someone’s birthday, we make a big deal about it and have the whole room sing to them.  If someone is not having a good day, we take the time to let them know they are appreciated.  It’s all about fun and just taking a moment to share a common love of music with people.”  You can see Stems and Seeds playing at many great venues including every First Friday at Flukes Restaurant & Pub in NE Philly and every Last Friday at The Temperance House in Newtown.  They also play regularly at some of the OOT’s favorite spots like Curran’s Irish Inn in Bensalem, Redz Bar & Grill and Sweeney’s Saloon in NE Philly and in Levittown, The SkyBox, McStews and The Roadhouse.   They also play many benefits & charity events.  They do a great job with private parties too.  If you are having a birthday, anniversary or block party coming up sometime soon, Stems and Seeds is the band you want to have there!  To see their schedule, just go to their Be sure to join their Facebook page at to get more info on the band and on what they are up to next. You can also see their whole schedule  The members of the band are, Rick Doran – Lead & backing vocals, Bryan Allen – Lead guitar & backing vocals, Vincent Rocky – Bass guitar, lead & backing vocals, Ricky Solitro – Drums, lead & backing vocals and Krista Doran – Percussion, lead & backing vocals.  Go check them out and when you do, be sure to mention you saw them in the Out on The Town!

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