70’s Again…Playing Songs That Have Stood the Test of Time!

Dec 23, 2011

spotlightBy: Krista Doran

Just over 2 years ago, lead Vocalist and Keyboard player Rob Stillman decided to start a band that would focus on playing only the greatest songs from the 70’s.  He called his long time friend and bass player, Bobby Garrett and together they put a list together of the songs they always wanted to perform.  Because there are not many bands that focus solely on this musical era, the other members gladly joined along as soon as they were approached.  This band has been bringing the party to local venues ever since.
I spoke to Guitarist and friend, Amedeo DiCarlo who explained “we truly enjoy everything that we play and we get the most enjoyment out of watching everyone else have a great time. The crazier they get, the better the evening goes!”  I went to see them live last week at The Temperance House in Newtown and from start to finish the place was up dancing to every song.  Their shows are not only about playing great live music, it’s all about entertainment too.  They are very theatrical, doing much more than just standing there playing songs.  Amedeo told me, “We make our shows come alive.  The clothing and costumes are thought through, the sound clips are poignant and the characterizations are used to add depth to the visual aspect of each song’s performance.  We’ve had comments that we look like we are just having the time of our lives – that’s because we are!”

You get to see a lot of crazy things at a 70’s Again performance such as games, costumes, bar and table walking, dry ice, etc. The band takes great care in executing the songs as they were recorded. The guitar and keyboards sounds are chosen carefully to reproduce as much authenticity as is possible. Also, this band is  non-stop from the time they start until the doors close. They are really about entertaining, providing quality music and making sure everyone has a great time.

The 70’s Again band gives you a reason to go out to patronize the venues they play. “Time and money are scarce these days. We want to make certain that when people spend them with us they have seen and heard something that was worth both,” says Amedeo.  “We take our music and performances very seriously even though we are pretty loose on stage. It may appear we’re just throwing it together and hoping all the nonsense keeps you entertained, but great thought goes into making it an evening you’ll remember. It’s a new experience at every gig.”

The music of the 70’s was always some of my personal favorite.  It had so much more meaning and depth than the new music you hear today.  Music in that era meant something.  70’s Again captures the essence of all that great music and meaning and puts it all into a capsule of 4 hours of pure fun.  They cover all the great bands like Boston. Foreigner, Styx, Rush, Bad Company, Elton John, The Stones, Kiss, Steely Dan, The Bee Gees, Supertramp and many others. They also pay close attention to the audience and what they want and will even through in some R&B or Disco.

You can see 70’s Again at some great local venues such as The Temperance House in Newtown, Flukes Restaurant & Pub in NE Philly, Peppers in King of Prussia, the Whitpain Tavern in Blue Bell and every First Friday they play at Bocco in North Wales.  You can see their full schedule at www.the70’sAgain.com or on Facebook.  They are available to play bars, clubs, private parties and corporate events. 70’s Again is Robert (Stilly) Stillman – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar; Joe Beckett – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar; Am DiCarlo – Guitar, Guitar Synths, Vocals; Gary Sauer – Drums, Lead Vocals; Bobby Garrett – Bass, Vocals and Harry Stevenson – Sax, Vocals.  Be sure to check them out!

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