Bartender of the Month…Melissa From Mc Stews!

Oct 19, 2011

022_22Photo by Mike Vagnoni

Melissa works the back bar area in the lounge at Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar every Wednesday and Friday nights from 9pm to 2am. She is miss personality all the way and lights up the bar.  Being in the business for well over 10 years as a bartender, she has a great fan base of loyal weekly patrons.” I get to know my customers in a free atmosphere and we talk about a lot of cool things”she says.  Melissa said that she really gets the feedback from her customers and she really loves working with her co-workers at Mc Stews. “It’s like a family here and we all care about one another”…
Melissa stands in at 5’2” and has dark brown hair and blue-gray eyes.

BIRTH-SIGN:  Scorpio ( She soon will be celebrating a birthday)
FAVORITE RADIO STATION: 98.9 fm and 107.9 fm She likes dance music…
HOBBIES: Going to malls and in her spare time just hangin’ out with friends. Like’s to go to the Movies!
FAVORITE DRINK :  Bubblegum Vodka & Water

Melissa is a resident from Levittown, she knows everyone…and everyone knows her….and it’s no -wonder with her vibrant and down to earth style, she has made so many good friends over the years.
Stop by to Mc Stews and say hello and please mention that you did check her out here at OOT.
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