Chowder…Music That Leaves You With a Positive Feeling

Oct 19, 2011

By:  Krista Doran
chowder_promo_picChowder is a band with deep roots in NE Philadelphia.  They have been together now for 10 years and have a very large and dedicated fan base.  The band has a very unique style, both in playing covers and in writing their own originals.  Chowder is an extremely versatile band, always focusing on showing their fans a great time!
I spoke to my friend and Guitarist, Billy Luber and he told me, “Our music is really hard to classify as one type of genre. We mix in Blues, Rock, Jazz and Funk with lots of great leads and chord progressions.  It’s very different from anything else you may hear out there.”  The music that Chowder plays is very crisp and tight.  They work very hard during practice, making sure to get every single part down, exactly the way they want it.  Billy explained, “We really want our originals to shine and we work them over and over until they are perfect.  When we do play covers we don’t play the same standard songs many other cover bands tend to play.  Instead, we play songs that we like and just have fun jamming.  They come off so much better and our fans love it.”
If you go to see Chowder play live, you are going to feel energized!  Their sets are full of power and positive energy.  Everyone is up dancing and smiling and just having a good time.  This is a really great group of musicians who are extremely friendly and eager to please.   Even after 10 years of playing, Billy told me they all still get butterflies before a show.  He went on to say, “We just want to entertain.  We want to see smiles on everyone’s faces and we want everyone to leave feeling good.  It’s not about the money for us – we just want to give people live music they can truly enjoy.”
If you are ready to see a great band perform both covers and originals, you can catch them at the following venues:
November 4 – Curran’s Irish Inn, Bensalem, PA
November 19 – Redz Bar & Grill, NE Phila
December 16 – Flukes Restaurant & Pub, NE Phila
If you would like to learn more about the band and hear some of their songs, you can check them out on Facebook right now – just search “Chowder Band.”  Chowder is Jason Cowden –  Lead Vocals and Guitar; Chris Griffith – Drums; Gino Pini – Bass Guitar; and Billy Luber Guitar.

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