Bartender Of The Month…Danielle Breslin

Sep 28, 2011

btThis issue meet up with Danielle Breslin from Redz as our featured Bartender of the month. You can see her in action on thursday nights from 7pm till 2am, saturday and sundays. Danielle is a joker…she likes to have fun when she works and her patrons love it. Danielle is resident form Mayfair and has been tending bar for the last 3 years. She stands in at 5’8” and has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She like’s her job and the chance to meet many new friends each week. ” I really like coming to work here at Redz because I get the chance to meet up with many of my friends and and customers each week, I like hearing what they have to say and of course I like to have fun with all of them and joke around,

HOBBIES: Loves to cook and enjoys a good book. She also loves jogging and also likes to hang out with her friends on her days off.

FAVORITE RADIO STATIONS: LIkes’ 104.5 Fm, Wired 96.5 and also the Throwdown@noon on Power 99 Fm.

ON SPORTS: Likes Ice Hockey and also enjoys all the Philly sports teams. On a fun note, she likes Beer Pong games
Danielle said that she is a Q Ball Champion…..and just likes the chance to compete

Her Goal:.
Danielle goes to school in the daytime and is taking courses at the Orleans Technical Institute for Court Reporting, She looks to one day work in the court system and we wish her all the best.

ON TV: MTV is one of her favorites on the tube,


This week make it a point to stop by and say hello to Danielle over at Redz Bar and Grill located at 8212 Roosevelt Blvd.,.You can see more to by going to www.ootonline,com and click to the Bartender feature.

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