“Don’t Be Afraid – Vic’s Not Really Angry!”

Sep 28, 2011

By: Krista Doran

AV_promo3What do you get when you take a little 80’s hair band music, add some Classic Rock, a dash of Top 40 and shake it all up with some crazy costuming and props? You get the band Angry Vic, of course!

I have known these guys for a long time. I remember the very first time I met bass player, Kirk Swenson at a local bar. I thought to myself, “I keep seeing that guy everywhere, who the hell I he?” So I walked up to him and asked him and he handed me a business card (which I still have!) and told me all about his band. That was 7 years ago and I have been friends and fans of these guys ever since. I like them because they are fun and they don’t take themselves so seriously. I also like the music they play. I spoke to my good Bud and their lead singer, Bobby Davidson about what AV has been up to lately. Angry Vic has always been a band to draw a big crowd in the Levittown area, and now they are trying to branch out and play further into Philly and NJ. Unfortunately, some places have the wrong idea about this band. They are NOT a Heavy Metal band, as you may think. When they say they play 80’s Metal, you have to realize that back in the 80’s, some people would consider bands like Motley Crue, Poison and Ratt to be “Metal” when nowadays, not so much. Others would call it “Hair Band Music,” when it really is just good old Rock and Roll from a specific timeframe. Personally I love 80’s music! It brings me back to a time in my life when I had many less responsibilities and lived a much more carefree lifestyle! The 80’s were my “good ol’ days” and if that makes me sound old, then Oh Well! I had a lot more fun than most, I am sure! Angry Vic brings those memories back to many of us and trust me, there are LOTS of us out there!

As I spoke to Bobby, he explained to me, “We like to take our shows to a different level of entertainment. Sure we play the songs well, but we also like to entertain the crowd by bringing a kind of “arena show” to them. We play what people want to hear and help them have fun with our crazy costumes and props. We want it to be different from what they would see any where else.” The guys in Angry Vic are always working hard to make their shows events, too. In fact, one of the things they are known for is their annual Valentine’s Day party. Its just one big pajama party with the whole town! Something really big that is coming up for AV is Teddy Dugan’s Halloweenfest, which will be taking place on October 29 at The Fraternal Order of the Eagles 2489, in Fairless Hills, PA. This is a big production show with several bands throughout the night, a $500 prize for best costume and lots of “ghoulish” fun! It’s right up Angry Vic’s alley, because they like to be theatrical onstage and comical at the same time!

Angry Vic is always doing some sort of charity event, too. Every year, they play at The Gilda Run, which helps raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer, as well as The Delaware Valley Flag Memorial. Since their start 8 years ago this November, the band has gone through many changes and one most important that everyone should know is that they have changed their repertoire quite a bit. They still do the heaver Rock covers, but are more focused on being more of a party band. They will play some Metallica, but will also play some Journey, John Mellencamp and yes, even some Rick Springfield! Bobby explained to me that they are even starting to play some 80’s themed weddings for those that are interested. “We just want to be the best party band around and put more focus on entertaining the crowd.”

All in all, Angry Vic is a fun, not-so-serious group of guys that just want to be the best they can be, while showing everyone a really good time! You can check out their website at www.angryvic.com to see their full schedule, learn more about the band and also book them for your next party or event. Angry Vic is: Bobby Davidson – Lead Vocals; Kirk Swenson – Bass; Chris Sweeney – Drums; John Strazzeri – Guitar and Jeremy Stockton – Guitar.

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