Bob Kephart’s Comedy Stop Cafe & Cabaret

Aug 18, 2011

Bob Kephart’s Comedy Stop Cafe & Cabaret at the Tropicana is Longest Running Show in Atlantic City
Kephart’s Comedy Stop Cafe and Cabaret in Atlantic City 27 years and still going strong

bob-kephartBob Kephart has 2 things in common with today’s stars of standup: He’s serious about comedy and he has a drive and a passion to be the best. For almost 3 decades Kephart has had his pulse on what it takes to run a top notch comedy club and an eye for who the up and coming stars will be in the world of stand-up. Kephart recently celebrated 27 years of The Comedy Stop being Atlantic City’s best comedy club. Without a doubt, The Comedy Stop is Atlantic City’s longest running entertainment attraction. What does Kephart think of stand up comedy and the Comedy Stop’s place in Atlantic City’s history. “Standup is the purest form of entertainment,” Kephart explains. “Just a person with a microphone, stringing words together to make us laugh. That’s the real deal, where true talent is laid bare.

There’s nothing else like it in the world,” Kephart adds, “To be doing it in a great town like AC is the icing on the cake” “Atlantic City is known for great live entertainment and we’ve been a big part of it over the years”.

And speaking of great live entertainment, in addition to his list of top comic talent, Kephart can boast having the reigning, “Comedy Magician of the Decade”..Kozak the Magician on board. Kozak is considered by many to be the best sleight-of-hand magician on the none. Kozak performs nightly from 6pm on Fri and Sat with a 7pm start time on Synday thru Thursday.

Many comedy clubs have come and gone since the Comedy Stop opened its doors – including rivals in Atlantic City.To be in business for 27 years is good. To be in business for 27 years and maintain the quality of entertainment second to none is quite an accomplishment. Add to this the fact that Kephart also has a Comedy Stop in Las Vegas, and like the Atlantic City club it is first rate in every sense of the word.

For almost three decades of serving up laughs in Atlantic City, the Comedy Stop now sits in an all-new $3 million dollar location on the third floor in The Quarter entertainment and retail complex at Tropicana. The Comedy Stop Cafe & Cabaret still features the Best Comics, the Best Club & the Best Prices. Visit for more upcoming schedules and information.

Listen, bottom line is this. Bob Kephart is a pro and one of the best Comedy Club producers and owners in the world. Always has been..always will be…No Brag..Just Fact!

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