SCREAM..If Dancing Is What You Want Then Scream Is the Band to See

Oct 15, 2009

OOT_promoshot_screamBy: Krista Doran

I think the readers of “In The Spotlight” are starting to realize some things about me and why I like writing it so much. I have my opinions, some of them very strong, but that’s why The Out On The Town has me do these features. This particular segment of the paper is reserved for the best of the best local bands and those that are doing things in a big way. I am a local musician, not just someone who writes about them so I understand both the band side and the business side, and this lends a little more credibility to what I write. I listen. I observe. I write about it. I bring you honest information so you can make the best choices about how you spend your down time. That’s important to me, and I hope you enjoy reading these articles. So let’s get to this, shall we?

I am excited about the band I am featuring in this issue because I think they have something very different to offer. The music they play is not necessarily the type of music I listen to, but one thing I love about them is how truly unique they are for a Philly cover band. The cover band scene has changed drastically over the last several years and it’s a real shame. I remember waiting in line outside clubs in the late 80’s and 90’s to see local music and you just don’t really see that to often anywhere in Philly anymore. What has happened? Well, I could totally go off on a tangent here and tell you, but we’ll save that for another day. There are bands out there that still draw, but it’s nothing like before. I believe one reason is the influence of Hip Hop music, which is not the typical music most live bands will or even have thought of doing. It’s something that DJs can really thrive on and many clubs are doing less live music and more DJ parties in a lot of cases. This is a fact, like it or not and there is one band out there that is being smart about it and thinking of that segment of people that want to dance and hear Hip Hop, Dane, Pop and Top 40 all in one place and giving them a LIVE show that is unlike anything else they are going to see around here. That band is called Scream.

Scream is an extremely high energy cover band put together by front man Danny, who is the former Rockets, McLovin and Alter Ego lead singer. When I spoke to Danny, he told me he felt there was something really lacking out there in the live cover band scene. As Danny said, “I would go check out bands all over the area – they all had different names, yet were playing all the same music. I wanted to do something really different… something that would make everyone have no choice but to get up and DANCE.”

The band has only been together now for about a year but has been drawing some major attention. They play songs by artists like, NKOTB, Michael Jackson, NSYNC…stuff you are not going to hear other cover bands do. I have to tell you – they do an awesome and very unique mix of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” backed with “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin that you need to check out…its VERY cool!

I think the best way to describe what Scream is doing is combining the music you would hear a DJ play, but its LIVE music. You are going to see the real choreography the lights and energy you would see if you were to go see some of the acts I mentioned above, but right here in a Philly club. Danny told me, “We want to change things because too many bands are afraid to take chances like this so we are the first. People are attacking our site and coming out to our shows, so obviously it is working!”

You can catch Danny, KP, Mike, Nate and Wolf at some of the best rooms in the area such as Reeds, Whiskey Tango, Roosevelt’s (formerly the Route 1 Café), Bootlegger’s and starting October 13th, every Tuesday night Scream will be live at Benny The Bum’s for Twisted Tuesdays starting at 9:45 pm. This is a GREAT place to see a band and have a lot of fun, so be sure to go check them out. Oh and Laaaaaadies…are you hearing me?? You will love these boys, trust me!

So for all you peeps out there only into DJs that say, “I’m not really into the band thing” – you might want to give this band a shot. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll change your mind about it. You can check out Scream right now by going to .

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