Gypsy Wisdom You Need See It To Feel It!

May 25, 2011

By: Krista Doran

OK folks; get ready for one of the BEST Party bands this area has seen in a very long time. The first time I heard them, I was blown away and that is saying A LOT! Anyone that knows me knows that I am extremely particular about Cover bands. Yes, I am opinionated but that is what Mike V and the OOT pay me for! The band I am featuring this month has it all – looks, smarts, awesome musicianship and most of all, heart & soul. Ladies & Gentlemen, please let me introduce to you – Gypsy Wisdom!

The band is comprised of 5 highly seasoned musicians, including Danny & Courtney formerly of Joe Bachman & the Crew. This band has certainly raised the bar, and not just with their talent. All 5 members of this band are highly dedicated & extremely passionate about playing. I had the pleasure of speaking with Lead singer, Courtney Jansen who told me “There is definitely something magical about this band. Everyone is so dimensionally talented and we all love playing together. We are all really good friends.” I can vouch for this statement. I have seen them and I am here to tell ya folks, “magical” is a really good word to describe them. They shine on stage. You can really tell they just love what they are doing. Gypsy Wisdom is definitely high energy like many bands out there, but embedded with a passion all their own. They play just about everything, from party classics by Madonna and Elvis to Top 40 and even some Country. There repertoire is always changing to appeal to all music lovers. On stage, everyone is versatile and interchanging instruments in order to keep things fresh and interesting for the audience. In a nutshell, they do this band thing right!

Even though the band has only been together a short 6 months, they have been making people stop and take notice all over the tri-state area. And they are doing so in some of the best rooms around. Some of the verticals they have going are Thursday nights at 10 pm through 6/2 in they’ll be at The Gypsy Bar at The Borgata in Atlantic City, and Tuesdays The GW Trio will be performing at The Windrift in Avalon, NJ at 8 pm all summer long! If you plan on going down the shore Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll have plenty of chances to catch them. It’s a non-stop weekend for Gypsy Wisdom! Friday 5/27 they will be at Seacrets in Ocean City MD, Saturday 5/28 it’s back to The Windrift in Avalon NJ, on Sunday 5/29, they will be live at Nalu in Rehoboth Beach DE and on Monday Memorial Day you can see them at one of the best places in Sea Isle NJ, La Costa! Plan on spending at least one night with this Powerhouse of a band if you want to have a GREAT time.

One of the many things I love about Gypsy Wisdom is that no matter where they are playing, their passion and love for music is apparent. They are genuinely “good” people that love to perform. There are no inflated egos here. The band will make you feel welcome, and they have a unique ability to turn a night into what feels like a private party with friends. “No matter the size of the room,” Courtney told me, “we always want people to love it and want more from us. Their return visit to another show means the world to us.” When forming the rest of the band, Danny & Courtney made it a point to pick players that knew what was in store for them. They knew they would all be spending a lot of time together and they chose players that had the same passion and love for entertaining as they do. Being in a band can be tough at times. Personalities don’t always match up. But this mix of musicians seems to really “click” on and off stage. There’s nothing fake about them. They are having a lot of fun up there and so will you when you see them. Their energy is contagious. Their presence commands your attention. You WILL want to dance. You WILL be all smiles. You WILL love this band! As a musician myself, I can only tell you how good this band is. “You need to see it to feel it” Courtney told me (while in the background Danny yelled “that’s what she said” LOL!)

Gypsy Wisdom is: Courtney Jansen – Lead Vocals; Danny Gunz – Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals; Joey DeNoble – Rhythm guitar, Drums, Vocals; John Mangan – Bass; Joe Horak – Lead Guitar, Vocals. They are perfect for any club, corporate event, casino or private party. You can join their Facebook page by searching “The GW Band” for all show dates and information. Gypsy Wisdom is managed by Anderson Entertainment Management, Inc. at 800-773-0337.

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