Mar 23, 2011

J_LEE_RESORTS__NOV_10__FINALRETOUCH_001 The Bad Boy of Country Rock, Jimmie Lee is ALL IN as he gets ready to make the big splash in Sin City for full promo of his new hit single for the poker world,  IM ALL IN , April 27- May 1, 2011.  This explosive single has taken the poker world by storm , and has been the “talk of the town”  in many poker magazines,  as well as receiving major airplay on several poker radio stations. Jimmie’s new single perfectly captures the emotions poker players feel as they sweat out that crucial card that could seal their fate!!   The Jersey Outlaw will hit Vegas the end of April with all systems loaded. Events includes venues and live shows, major radio airplay with live interviews, appearances and play of the song at celebrity and high roller poker tournaments and a big promo party at the Hard Rock Casino Pool!! Jimmie will be in full tow with his posse of Bandito Girls and his entire entourage for the big events. Everything will be over the top and these events promise to be the best of the best. Don’t say you weren’t warned, and Jimmie Lee fans, be sure to make it out to Vegas as Jimmie officially kicks off the 2011 Tour!!!   There’s rumor that Jimmies new single may make it to the World Series of Poker this year, as the theme song , which airs this summer on ESPN. Also, the song will air as the theme song on HOKESHOUSE, a poker reality TV show, which airs May, 2011. Expect to hear Jimmies big hit single all over the poker world, as that’s seems to be the consensus of the poker gods. The songs driving rock and crossover country beat is complimented by the presence of a rapper whose delivery really serves to make players feel they are in the game!  Be sure to check out the single at www.jimmieleesongs.com, JIMMIE LEE-FACEBOOK, YouTube,  I-Tunes and CDBaby. This is the perfect song to pump through your headset at the poker table and inspire you to shake off the nerves and shove your chips in, while you’re waiting for that crucial card!!!   For all you Jersey Outlaw fans, just a few more tidbits for ya all!! Danielle Adams- Benham, Hot Aussie Chick and big poker journalist from Australia, has co-written this hit song with Jimmie, as they both decided that there were not enough poker songs available to grind away as players listen to their iPods and music at the poker table. Also, Jimmie has teamed up with High Roller Clothing to release his new signature Jersey Outlaw Poker TShirt, available at www.highrollerclothing and at all Jimmie Lee Shows.   Folks, theres magic in the air, Jimmies music for all to share, and once again, The Jersey Outlaw has ignited a fire that will put Las Vegas on the map and over the top next month.

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