Dining Out at La Casa Di Lucia Italian Restaurant and Pizza

Mar 23, 2011

By Helene

Lucia_3303My guest and I had an amazing dinner at La Casa Di Lucia Italian Restaurant and Pizza. It’s located in the Trent Plaza , 14425 Bustleton Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia . The food here is home-made and definitely made out of love. The love of Joe and Lucia, who have been married for 49 years, the big 50 will be New Years Day 2012! Together, with Lucia’s love of cooking and Joe’s business sense, they have spent over thirty years building their family restaurant, along with their son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, and long-standing staff. It began as a little pizza and sandwich shop on Castor Ave and “little by little” grew into the wonderful family spot at their current location.   Known for their great food, “Lucia’s” is also known for their generosity in the community, hosting many charity events and making donations for great causes like the most recent Lovefest, held at the Whiskey Tango. This place offers a lot more too. Live entertainment five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday and they also have catering services and a large room to accommodate guests for any special occasion! Want a great deal? Check out their Early Bird Specials Monday-Friday from 3-6pm, which includes Soup or Salad, choice of Dessert, and a Beverage starting at $8.50 to $12.25. Want Lunch? Monday thru Saturday from 11am to 3pm you can get your favorite Sandwich served with French Fries starting at $7.00 or have something real special, a choice of several Veal dishes that include Soup or Salad, Vegetables or Spaghetti for $9.74. Of course they cater to the little ones starting at $3.75 and up!   My guest and I were happily greeted by Joe, a “grandfatherly” type, charming and ready with great stories of his family, his business and his travels.  This particular night, they had a nice dinner crowd. Not bad for a Monday night. Joe sat down with us while we dined and enjoyed his great hospitality.  We started out with the Fried Calamari Marinara ($8.00) a great big serving enough to share and some fresh Bread, hot-right out of the oven. The Calamari was lightly floured and delicious! We each had a cup of their Home-Made Soup; I had the Escarole and my guest, the Pastina. Both were light, hearty and scrumptious.  I like mine with a shake or two of Parmesan Cheese. Next came the entrees, I had the Stuffed Eggplant ($15.95), stuffed with Ground Beef, Mozzarella Cheese and Heart of the Eggplant, topped with Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese and then baked to perfection. The sauce (or as Italians say the gravy) was magnificent, sweet and spiced just right. Every bite was tantalizing! My guest ordered one of Lucia’s Signature Dishes, the Chicken Francaise ($16.45). Boneless Chicken lightly floured, prepared in an egg batter and sautéed with White Dry Wine, Butter and a touch of Lemon. My guest enjoyed this so much that I almost didn’t get to taste it myself! No wonder this is the most popular dish served at the restaurant! For our sides, Joe suggested that we sample their famous Home-made Gnocchi and Raviolis; both were delicate, perfectly molded and stuffed with Ricotta Cheese. Simply wonderful! Of course we could not resist their tempting desserts! They offer Home-Made Tiramisu, Rum Cake, Cheesecake and Rice Pudding. Plus they have ice cream and pie if that is what you are yearning! We had the Tiramisu and Rum Cake, a perfect ending to a memorable meal! Both cakes were simply irresistible and both are a favorite of mine-so we shared!   La Casa Di Lucia has the Best Italian food around! There is no substitute that comes close! Next time you are in the neighborhood-come out for an unforgettable meal that is unmatched by any other! For more information about their catering services or reservations please call (215) 677-6111.


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