Dec 4, 2010

The Holidays are coming on fast…you don’t want to miss out on WHERE TO GO AND WHAT TO DO-get ready for the ANNUAL CHRISTMAS GUIDE…we will start the NEW YEARS EVE LISTINGS in this guide…coming up too…Don’t forget to see our ANNUAL TV SHOW on DT 44 on COMCAST, FIOS and DIRECT TV on DEC 29th at 11L30pm. AFter this you will be able to see the segements on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE and our own OOT TUBE at www,
MORE FUN is coming at you and just think..we offer the best area locations with LIVE MUSIC AND DJ’s ….take the OOT CHALLENGE…we dare you…see who really does care more about GIVING YOU THE INFORMATION YOU WANT. WE INTERVIEW THE BANDS,,,WE INTERVIEW THE DJ’s…we WRITE about the locations….WE COVER CONCERTS, WE also take you into the best places to have a great dinning experience that won’t shatter your wallet. Just take at look at the amount of work we do on our FRONT PAGES…see – THIS IS A REAL ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE…and dont forget this fact..OOT is made by people in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY here in the GREATER DEALAWARE VALLEY AREA…. ( Just one ad – last for THREE FULL WEEKS…THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO FIGHT THE RECESSION…OOT WAS BUILT TO SAVE all of us money in advertising in the Local Entertainment Industy…) We are the most cost effective tool for our local scene…JUST TAKE THE CHALLENGE..and see why more of the better bands, clubs and locations our in our NETWORK of the best LOCATIONS IN THE REGION!

YOU GET SO MUCH with each OOT … “WHERE TO GO AND WHAT TO DO” …see us anytime you like. Set us up on your phone and enjoy. SEE US now on your I pad, I phones and all touchscreen phones…key to www/ HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at OOT.

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