In The Spotlight: Eleven Eleven

Oct 27, 2010

eleven_elevenlogoAs I woke up to the alarm clock playing “In My Life” by the Beatles this morning, I laid in bed with a smile until the song was over.  Listening carefully to the words, I could not help but think how much feeling John Lennon put into the lyrics.  In fact if I am not mistaken, this is one of the few songs John wrote that he actually liked.  The words of this song have special meaning to me because it reminded me of how very blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life.  Many of them I have met through playing music in one way, shape or form, and I hold some really close friendships near and dear to my heart as a result.  Music is such a wonderful way to bring people together and so much can come from it.   I spend a lot of my time going out listening to live music when I am not gigging myself, and there’s nothing better than watching a band who really puts the effort into not only their playing, but also into the subtle nuances that set them apart from everyone else.  In the case of cover bands, it’s hard to be different than the band playing down the street.  But there are certain bands that try and one of them is the band we are featuring this month, Eleven Eleven.
Eleven Eleven first got together in 1992 as an original band while the members were all still in college.  Playing mostly at frat parties and local original venues, they quickly developed a name for themselves.  The band released their first album in 1994 and this led to many great opportunities, including a 5 week tour in London, England.  They enjoyed a good amount of success as an original band, having 6 national releases with their last two breaking the CMJ Top 200.  The release “Head” was #179 and “The Unlovable EP” was #17.
As their ambitions grew, the band decided to start playing some covers to help fund what they wanted to do with their original music.  They starting mixing cover songs in with their originals at shows and in 1998, they toured nationally in support of their 2004 release “Head” opening for such bands as Phantom Planet, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Thrills, and Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode.
Eleven Eleven is now one of the most talented bands in the entire tri-state area, still playing both covers and originals.  Their recent sponsorships by Budweiser and Twenty Two Vodka are a testament of their talent, as well.  They play in some of the biggest and best rooms, from Boston to Key West, focusing on the crowds that come to see them.  Lead vocalist and guitar player, Jeff Giuliani explained “Our only concern is that everyone has a great time and wants to come back again and again”.   The band is very approachable and will always involve the crowd in what they do.  Jeff told me, “We like to engage the crowd and play to them.  They sing along, and sometimes jump on stage to “help” us sing.  It’s a very fun and social evening and quite a different experience from watching just any other band.”
Eleven Eleven’s set list caters to the whole crowd and they change things up a lot.  “You never know how a night is going to go until you are in the throes of it, so we like to make sure we are playing what the crowd wants to hear,” says Jeff.  “There is no dead air.  I believe dead air is the kryptonite to any cover band.”  The band plays a wide variety of music including Tom Petty, Journey, The Cure, The Killers and Kings of Leon.  They also do an all 80’s tribute every now and then.
These guys are a lot of fun, with no inflated egos and they are certainly not afraid to poke fun at each other.  Having a good time at all costs is their mantra.  They aren’t trying to be rock stars and they have no pretentions about being cover band rock starts either.  They just want everyone that comes to their shows to leave fulfilled and maybe a little tipsy while marking their calendars for the next Eleven Eleven show!
Speaking of Eleven Eleven shows, you can catch them every Thursday at RiRa at the Quarter in The Tropicana in Atlantic City from 11:15 pm – 3:00 am.  To get more information on the band and to see all the great places they play, please visit their website at  Big thanks to Jeff Giuliana for doing the interview and to the rest of the band, drummer Rich Franchetta, bass guitarist Steve “Stebs” Solof and lead guitarist Mike Donato. All of us at the Out On The Town wish you continued success!

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