Olde City Paranormal

Oct 6, 2010

Old_City_Paranormal_3212Ever wonder if the things you hear go bump in the night are for real or perhaps just your imagination?

Well, we thought we would do something different this Halloween and send our feature writer, Krista Doran, to find out! Krista will be traveling to New Jersey with the folks at Olde City Paranormal in Philadelphia to do a real paranormal investigation at the Absecon Lighthouse! There have been many accounts of unexplained phenomenon at the lighthouse dating back to 1905 that has even had SciFi’s GHOST HUNTERS out to investigate. Reports of paranormal activity such as eerie laughter, footsteps when no one was around and even partial apparitions have appeared.

Is the Absecon Lighthouse haunted by its former lighthouse keepers, or perhaps by one of the many people who died in shipwrecks near the Absecon Inlet which has earned the nickname of “Graveyard Inlet?” We’ll find out the truth and bring it all to our readers in the Halloween issue of the Out On The Town which hits the streets on 10/27.

In the meantime, feel free to check out Olde City Paranormal’s website at www.oldecityparanormal.com to read about their past cases. Oh, and next time you are alone and think you hear or see something, just remember – maybe it WASN’T your imagination after all…..

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