“Angry Vic’s” Big Halloween Party

Oct 6, 2010

vicThere’s so much to do this Halloween Season and parties a plenty!  I ran into John Strazerri recently who told me about his band “Angry Vic’s” Big Halloween party at The Stadium (5 Points Sports Bar) in Levittown, The Party is on Saturday the 30th and doors open at 8 PM!   There will be T-shirt give away to the first 200 in the door!  A buffet and drink specials all for $5.00. As well a a costume contest and give aways!
Band consists of:
John Strazzeri (Guitar)
Bobby Davidson (Lead Vocals)
Chris Sweeney (Drums)
Vinny Kearns (Guitar)
Kirk Swenson (Bass)

L.R: How  long has “Angry Vic” been playing out, tell us a little about the band?

Kirk: We have been together going on 8 years, Bobby (the Singer) and I have known each other since back in the hair metal days, and I have bounced around from several bands all through the years.
John:: I have been in AV for almost a year, I was asked to join shortly after, and earned my nickname “New Guy” Which by the was they still call me from time to time.
Vin: The band has been around, and playing out for about 8 years now. I have been a member, along with Chris Sweeney for about 3 years now this past June.
Chris. John is our newest member and he’s been around for about a year, but he fit in so well, it feels like he’s been here the whole time. He’s just a twisted as the rest of us!!!
Bobby: It took us a year to get down enough tunes to start playing out and so we’ve been non stop ever since. Black Friday is our anniversary. it all started when I was singing in my friend Victor’s band Feedback. I was also singing in Kirk’s band Pound. Vic’s band kinda fell apart and I wasn’t really into what Kirk’s was doing so, I asked Kirk to come with me to Vic’s. Vic found Bob Shaw in the paper and Bob brought in his pal Dale Massey and then we all jammed. we were together for about a month and Vic realized he didn’t really fit in and graciously bowed out and we moved from Philly to Doylestown, found Steve Kraft and that was that. one night sitting’ out back at Bob’s place, i was telling the guys about one of the guys in Feedback, Mike Abbot. we used to call him Angry Abbot , cuz well, he was always kinda angry about pretty much everything, and then Kirk shouted out” Angry Vic !” and it stuck.

L.R: I know you are primarily a rock cover band, describe your music, how you deliver it and some of the songs you guys play:

Vin: 80’s Hard Rock would pretty much sum that up! The majority is definitely the music everyone in the band grew up pretending to be rock stars listening to! Ratt, Dokken, Motley Crue, Ozzy, W.A.S.P. & many many more!
Kirk: We play the rock you grew up with and songs for the 21 year olds as well! The music your parents made you listen to when you were growing up! Lo!
Chris As far as the music we do, it is mainly the stuff we grew up listening to: Rock, Metal, “Hair Bands”. Poison, Motley Crue, Journey, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc… We do some older songs as well. We just put an “Angry” spin on them first. But, whatever we do, we play our guts out!!! It’s not a good show if our drummer doesn’t leave the club bleeding.
Bobby: We are what we do. We love the music we play and so it shows in our performances!

L. R: Describe to our Party Goers what to expect at this Halloween Party!

Chris: An Earthquake! FUN, FUN, and more FUN! We’ve got a great show planned out, plus. The Stadium ROCKS!!! The bar tenders and wait staff are some of the best people in the bizz!
Vin: In one word “Helluvatime”.
Bobby: The Stadium is being super great about this too! We’ve got a buffet, drink specials, costume contests, free t-shirts to the first 200 at the door, the place is gonna be decked out like crazy,our buds from the band “44 Fridays”  are gonna open up the show,  and we’re gonna end it!
John: Expect a big, one heck of a high energy show!

L. R: What are some other places or dates we can see the band and are you booked for New Years yet?

Chris: We have a few more shows left for 2010:  ~11/13/2010: The Road House Inn
~12/18/2010: Back at The Stadium for our Christmas Show. We decided not to do a New Years show this year and just hang together with our family and friends. But 2011 might be a different story. We also have some BIG things in the works for next year! More to come on that!
Bobby: We may have a Christmas show in the works. just as big as this one too ! And of course there’s always our annual Valentine’s Pajama Party!
Vin: Go to WWW.ANGRYVIC.COM it has all of the upcoming events!

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