The Urban Achievers: A Band That Brings the Party!

Oct 6, 2010

By:  Krista Doran

promoshot_urbanachieversHow does one define the term “party band?”  Some would say the term simply means a band that entertains at parties, while others may think the band members like to party.  In the case of this month’s featured band, it means all of that, and then some!

The Urban Achievers is definitely a band that entertains at parties and trust me, they all like to party!  But one thing that is setting them apart from the influx of cover bands out there on the circuit is that they have a really good following of fans.  That being said, you can be pretty certain that when you go see this band, there will be a lot of people there!  This seems to be a touchy subject with some of the bands and clubs alike nowadays.  I mean let’s face it – the days of people lining up to see live bands are dwindling right before our eyes.  Even the so called “well-known” bands aren’t drawing like they used to.  The bands that are surviving and still doing well are the ones who are keeping it real by not making ridiculous promises and also have the talent to put on a great show.  Keeping all of that in mind, The Urban Achievers have all their bases covered!

I spoke to guitar player, Mike Goldman who told me this band really likes to have fun at shows.  “We party right along with our peeps.  We love to drink with everyone and have fun with them – it just gets everyone in the mood.”  The music they play is mostly Classic Rock while throwing in some modern tunes here and there and they even have some originals.  The band plays at some great rooms too, which happen to be some of the Out On The Town’s favorites, such as Paddy Whacks, Curran’s, Reale’s and The Ashton Pub.  They also break off and do some solo and duo acts Mike explained to me, which keeps everyone actively playing music.

If you would like to get out and see this band, I definitely recommend that you do.  They are all solid players with one thing in mind – BRINGING THE PARTY!  Their next show is at Paddy Whacks on South Street on 10/8 at 10:00 pm.  Paddy Whacks is a great place to see a band.  The staff there is exceptional, the food is tremendous, the prices are very reasonable and there is parking in the square right across the street.  You can’t go wrong!  If you can’t make this show, then make sure you see them at Curran’s Tacony location on 11/26 at 9:30 pm.  The Urban Achievers band is:  Mike Goldman: Guitar, keys, vocals and harmonica, Tim Schmid: Lead singer, Dan Leonard:  Lead guitar, Pat Schickling: Bass, Brian Sabec: Drums and Walt Bartle: Vocals.  Please join their page on Facebook!

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