Dining Out on the Main Line

Sep 23, 2009

Written by: Karli Rizzo

Gulliftys2_3111Gullifty’s Bar and Grille, located in Rosemont, Pa. is one of the most impressive eateries on the Main Line. Established in 1975, Gullifty’s ranks superior among locals by continuing to provide an unparalleled dining experience and strong presence within the Main Line community. The name Gullifty comes from childhood favorite, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Remember “X the Owl” from the land of make-believe where everything was “Nifty-Gullifty”? With a great neighborhood of their own to serve on the Main Line, the restaurant Gullifty’s was born.

The dining menu at Gullifty’s is quite extensive, including Goat Cheese Bruschetta, Handspun Pizza, Sizzling Fajitas, their famous Kobe burger, Lobster Ravioli, Gran Marnier Filet Mignon, homemade desserts and plenty more, all at a modest price. From their tasty appetizers to their delicious entrees, Gullifty’s prices range from $6 to $22. Gullifty’s also runs daily lunch and dinner specials that are as unique and enjoyable as the restaurant itself. The bar features over 130 beers to choose from. Fortunately, Gullifty’s created a “Beer Book” to showcase their expansive bottled beer collection complete with details on each brew.

Gullifty’s offers a comfortable yet fun atmosphere for both families and college students alike; it is a dining experience unlike any other on the Main Line. It’s no surprise that Gullifty’s has won numerous Philadelphia restaurant awards, including, Main Times Best Family Restaurant, Main Line Today’s Best Beer Selection and Philadelphia Magazine’s Best Lunch.

To make a reservation call 610-525-1851, and to view the full menu and beer selection visit Gulliftys.com.
**Photo information: Featured special dish: Rack of Lamb topped with a fresh blueberry port wine reduction sauce over seared portabella mushroom strips. $22.

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