The Nameless Few Music Played with Emotion and Vocals that Shine

Jun 28, 2010

By: Krista Doran

TheNamelessFewBandPhotoI have to be honest with you all. When the decision was made on which band would be featured in this issue, I was a bit apprehensive. I was asked to write about an agency band who I assumed would be similar to many of the other cover bands out there. Well, you know what they say when you ASSUME, right? I learned my lesson to not assume anything anymore, because the band in this month’s spotlight is fresh, unique and an extremely talented group of guys called The Nameless Few!

I spoke to their drummer, Rich who was so polite and so happy that the OOT was going to feature their band. The more he spoke about his fellow band members, the more I liked them because they all just really love doing what they do. The Nameless Few does fall into the Party Band category because of the music they play, which is a unique blend of great music from the 70’s on up through to what you hear on the radio right NOW. According to Rich, “we’ll play anything that will get people moving and that includes a lot of Top 40 songs.” As I have stated in previous features, I am not really one that enjoys the Top 40 scene. On the other hand, I do know that when you are in a band, you have to play a good amount of crowd pleasures because they are what the people want to hear. The Nameless Few does this, plus they take the time to throw in, as Rich called them, “our selfish picks” or songs they like to do as a band. They have been able to inspire crowds and lovers of music from Vermont to Virginia, so obviously they are doing it right.

The Nameless Few has been around since 2005 and with their guitar player, Kratzy being the only original member; I think it’s safe to say that like most bands, they have had their share of changes. Rich told me that “one of the things that have really made a big difference for this band is the addition of our new lead singer, Gary. His vocal range is so strong it is almost effortless. This has opened up so many more doors for us, because we can now play music we couldn’t before, such as ‘Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness or the Chemical Romance version of ‘Under Pressure.’ We are better than ever now because Gary’s vocals really shine.” In addition to that fact, you’ll be blown away when you hear these guys, considering that there are just 4 members, 3 that are playing instruments! The Nameless Few truly has the sound of a 5 or 6 piece band and they do it WITHOUT sampling of any kind. With Ricky rounding out their rhythm section with his tremendous bass playing skills, something that also adds fullness to their sound is the 3 part harmonies. This is something that is really hard to pull off live at times, but this band does it with ease and precision.

Rich explained to me that when people come to see the Nameless Few “they are going to experience songs played a little bit more in depth than a typical cover band would play. We collaborate as a team to play them in our style, and make them more our own.” One of the songs you may hear them play is “Brown-eyed Girl,” which is perhaps one of the most played out songs ever. But The Nameless Few will do it Reggae-style, breathing new life back into the song for those of us that have heard it one too many times. This is a beautiful thing and it makes you start to love these songs all over again. Music is meant to be enjoyed and make you happy. This is exactly what The Nameless Few offers each and every time to their audience. They deliver their songs with passion and emotion, reminiscent of the days when local live music was in its heyday.
You can catch The Nameless Few next on Friday, June 25th at The Trappe Tavern in Trappe, PA and then on Saturday June 26th at Harrigan’s Pub in Warminster, PA. To see their full schedule of dates and to hear samples of their music, go to The Nameless Few is booked through Shore Bets, 215-884-HELP.

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