Jun 26, 2010

Where to Go and What To Do On A Saturday Night? EASY WiTH each special Issue of Out On The Town Entertainment GUIDE~ see the run down daily in the paper and also online! and or Yes, anytime you like. Soon >OOT will have it’s own APP~ MORE FUN COMING TO YOU with giveaways promotions and discounts to area locations.
Just think > ONE AD PLACEMENT in the OOT will be seen for 21 days or more…24/7 both online and in the trenches in area locations – we work hard to make sure your messages is seen by the right kind of people you seek. SEE OUR LIST OF CLIENTS and you will see why OOT is the leading edge when it come to local Entertainment News!
WHAT MAKES THE OOT special for you?
Out On The Town is a professional Network of area entertainers and performers who bring to you only the best in local Entertainment News! * ALWAYS CUTTING EDGE ( you get it first hand by the people making the music) …and still the best marketing tool in the local Entertainment scene. We will create the buzz you need for your next PROMOTION and help make your event or show or specific night gain the attention it needs.

We are working entertainers who can give you the inside track on the best places in the GREATER DELAWARE VALLEY AREA. We take the time and will interview the local bands and Dj’s….we take the time to Interview the bar owners and bartenders….and we do this the right way _ to hype this up all for you. Not only do you get this all up online..but we make sure that a physical paper is out there in the bars and clubs. THIS IS how it all started and with the INTERNET we have more people like you,coming to the OOT with each new ISSUE we put out. ( IT takes us three full working weeks to bring to you ONE COMPLETE ISSUE and to get this up online.)

FIND OUT ABOUT THE PEOPLE,PLACES,and all the things that make our ENTERTAINMENT SCENE LIGHT UP AT NIGHT! THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF WEBSITES AND INTERNET MARKETING COMPANIES OUT THERE TODAY…YES it is so deluted > (each day a new one sort of pops up)…But with that…you can be sure of one thing….THERE IS ONLY ONE – real ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE and made by people who work in this INDUSTRY. This is your Out On The Town! THE NAME SAYS IT ALL…

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