CONTACT some of the working agents if you are in need of work

Jun 24, 2010

It is getting harder for area musicians to find steady work,  with the way this economy has been hitting each and everyone of us, the last couple of years. If you seem to be struggling  – contact the working agents and agencies out there. IT is there job for placement and they all have the right kind of contacts. Most Agents  work with signed acts. It is possible to become a part- timer on their client list. IT does not hurt to make contact and let them know what you do and where you perform. I ti so easy to send theme an email with a file attachment with your photo and or direct them to your Myspace and or Facebook or website. Yes it might be hard to find work but the truth of the matter is  >there are  still many locations that do need the services of working musicians.

If you need a list of working agents contact OOT by email  > and we can send you out a list of the top area companies that might be able to keep you on stage.

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