Lost Without “LOST”

Jun 7, 2010

By L.Ramag’

It hasn’t even been a week yet since the finale of “LOST” ended May 23 and so many of us are already feeling the pangs of withdrawal!  What are we going to do now without LOST? There are “Star Trekkie’s” and there are “LOSTEE”S” and I never understood the “Trekkie” movement until I became a devout LOSTEE. That included screaming obscenities into the phone to anyone that dared to call you at 9pm on a Tuesday night which was the epic Television series LOST time slot!  For six strong seasons we fell in love with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Syiad, Hugo, Julia, John Locke, Rose and Bernard and yes even Benjamin Linus! They were like family!  The actors were phenomenal they made you believe! For those of us who are of a scientific nature, the prove it to me, show me types the finale wasn’t to their expectations. I know and Queen Helene and I were like “What? You’ve got to be kidding! This is how they are ending it?”  OK, so It had a so so to a good ending and or greater ending for the more spiritual believers.  However, it did leave some skeptics with questions left unanswered.
Here are some takes from my crew on Facebook I thought were worth sharing:
Kevin Mercer of the band KRANK (that by the way is playing the Cellblock Reunion June 6) said this;
“OK now here’s the thing- none of the main characters died in the plane crash! Everything that happened to them on the island was real! The only thing that was afterlife related was this seasons “flash-sideways”. Does this make more sense to you? Yeah if the whole series was just a dream I could understand why you hated the ending-it’s a rip-off of Dallas & Newhart- but that is not the case at all,”

and then Michael Dadura commented on Kevin Mercer’s status:
“Jack truly did lived together with his fellow castaways and died alone technically if you do not count Vincent! He sacrificed him self to save the island and universe for real and Moved on as a man of faith like a rapture state with his friends!
Christian stated these people are dead. But, they did not die when you did. They came to join with you to move on and let go. There is no timeline rule in this reality. Hurley stated that Linus was a good #2 and mpre stated he was a good # 1. What happened on the Island was real! What ever happened Happened! Let go and move on! We did not get to see their deaths because Sideways was for Jack’s closure to move on. Filmed from his point of view from the beginning of the season.
If you like to get technical, the bomb and Faraday’s theory worked for Jack! He implemented and everything was done from his view.
When Jack replaced Jacob, He asked Jacob what the purpose was, Too protect the Light as long as you can. How can I protect it against MIB? Do I have to kill MIB and how? Yes, you have to find a way to kill MIB and I do not know how? Jack found a way by letting Desmond destroy the light temporarily and make MIB human. Now MIB can be killed and Jack can fix the light like everything else he has! Salvation is his reward and his friends are awarded normal lives till they die! They get to share in Jack’s awakening in the Sideways reality to Move On and Let all past frustration go! Excellent End!”

Andrew Nolan’s from OOTT’s take was this:
“The journey of LOST began on September 22, 2004 and ended just a couple weeks ago.  Given that so many millions committed to the plot, characters and the island for over 6 years, it’s understandable that the ending left much to be desired for so many.  I was certainly one who, at first, was left with a little confusion and disappointment over the series finale.  Then after about 48 hours, I rewatched the finale again along with a couple of other back episodes.  I am not a man of faith and was a little upset about all the religious references and how they tried to tie the ending into a nice, neat little bow.  But now I fully appreciate the show for what it was.  It was the most thought-inducing, unique and creative shows to ever hit network television.  No matter how you felt about the ending, each week prior had an episode that would create debate and theories that excited myself and brought me closer to my family/friends who also enjoyed it.  The amazing writing, direction, acting, music and production value can not be disputed.  So after further review, I thought the ending was very well orchestrated, and although not all questions were answered, the show kept to it’s credo of keeping you guessing and interpreting.  So, if you’re looking for commentary on the ending, there’s plenty out there to read.  But the real questions remaining are, how close were you paying attention, what did you get out of the show each week and did it shine a spotlight on some of your own belief systems?



In closing to all that are welcome to come out and Party with us Sunday, June 10 at The Whiskey Tango for the last and finale ever “Cellblock 15 yr. Reunion” there will be a special table set up for “LOSTEE’S” so feel free to debate away!

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