Jimmie Lee The Jersey Outlaw” is the Bad Boy of Country Rock – 2010 is his year … New Video, New CD, New Tour!

Jun 3, 2010

By Mike Vagnoni

headHad the chance to meet up with Jimmie Lee the Bad Boy of Country Rock. We had a luncheon and meeting him was kind of cool,  He’s one heck of a talent and gifted music writer. His been writing songs all of his life. He has the passion to be doing what he’s doing – and you will be finding out more and about this new country artist as he is set to be going on Tour sometime at the end of the summer.

OOT – How long have you been writing songs?
Jimmie Lee – “Been writing since 1991 and have about 150 plus songs to date. I have been blessed with this gift. I can write the music first and lay in some lyrics or I can come up with the lyrics and then marry the music to the words.  It’s just a process that happens. You might work on something for days and days…and then there are  times  where  the song and melody just pop right out of you . You know in the lyrics Dept. I have a co -writer by the name of Chirs Baile who also helps inspire me with some great lyrics. He is a very gifted person also and I am so glad  that we work together he also serves as head of security on all of our shows.”
OOT – Your  new CD is very Impressive and your song LET’s GO is the title track -where did you cut this project at?
Jimmie Lee – “It was a Labor Day weekend  a couple of years ago, and I happen to meet up with David Ivory who is one of the  top record producers on the east coast. I told him how I was a music writer and performer and that I wanted him to hear my music and see what could be done. He says to me, look I don’t take on new artists but let me hear some of your stuff and take it from there. So I made sure he did  get my package and did keep on calling him and then he gets back to me and says” Your so into this, I’m going to take you on. Well he did and the rest is history now and we have a very impressive CD –  The CD was mastered by Peter Humphreys.” I have to say shouts out to my music director Joe Lam he does a super job with the band and our live arrangements”
OOT You did hit the road and where are some of the places you took your tour to?
Jimmie Lee” We toured in Las Vegas and played to a sold our concert in front of 17,000 people also have played the House of Blues and the Hard Rock Cafes. We even did a show over at Prospectors.  Right now we are working on a big tour at the end of the summer and there are talks going on that we might be opening up for ZZ TOP at the HOUSE OF BLUES in AC. We should know more about this very soon.”
OOT– You just completed a video shoot over at Whiskey Tango – how did this go over?
Jimmie Lee – “We contacted George Manney and did a video shoot of Let’s Go last week. This went  over real well  and we can’t wait to get this out and up on TV and up online for all to see…George is an award winning music video producer and we are so glad to see him work on our project. This is going to be a real good presentation of our song Let’s Go.”
OOT – What makes your live shows so unique?
Jimmie Lee – “:We are so powerful up on stage we can ignite any audience – we are the new breed of Country rock and this is such an exciting time to be in the music business. When you come to one of our concerts – you’ll be standing and dancing all thru the show. I am telling you right from the beginning of the show to the end…you will love what we do since it is all about the music and the songs, we also have the lights and the sirens going off..it’s just so electrifying and exciting.”
OOT – Thanks for taking the time to chat with me Jimmie, and we wish nothing but the best for you  – the  new bad boy of  county rock.

Jimmie Lee – ” Thank You Mike”
So that ended our talk and I just highlighted some of the points that I feel would get you interested into
finding out more about this soon to be country star. He is the bad boy of Country rock and the is the new breed of country music.   Jimmie Lee is a must see – check him out online and be sure to get out and see him in concert when you can. To find out more go to: www.jimmieleesongs.com