Bartender of the Month…May 2010

May 17, 2010


Angel Schoen

From the Stadium 5 Points
Levittown Pa
Angel is our Bartender of the month and she comes to us from the Stadium 5 Points  in Levittown Pa.,
where she has been tending the bar for the last 5 & 1/2 years. With Dark Brown hair and green yes, Angel has  a nice fan base of steady customers. You can see her working daily over at the Stadium. Tuesday (Night), Wednesday(Night), Thursday(Day), Saturday(Night),and Sunday(Day)
ON SPORTS: She loves the Flyers and thinks Hockey is the best sport around.

HOBBIES: Likes to hang out  with some of her friends but most of the time  she is taking care of her son NATHAN (7 years old ) and enjoys her time with him.
ON RADIO: Favorite station is  Q -102 FM  She likes dance music!
With a great personality Angel has a good fan base of steady customers who stop by the bar to see her
each week. ” I just like being behind the bar since I get the chance to meet so many interesting people
all the time”, she says.
FAVORITE DRINK: ” You can call me a MILLER LITE girl”
To see Angel online go to: also see her photo in the Stadium’s ad this issue.

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