LetsGo FLyers/Where to watch the game tonight is easy when you use Out On The Town

May 12, 2010

All the best Sports bars with all the great specials can be found in the new OOT paper-see it now by going all online at www.ootweb.com We have a great list of all the top Sports bars in the area. Be sure and get out and shout-LET’S GO FLYERS!  NOTE: the new OOT will be going up later this evening and the coverage of the new OOT is from MAY 12 thru to JUNE 2nd….BE SURE AND CHECK IT ALL OUT and SUPPORT all of our bars and clubs you will find in this new Edition.

TONIGHT where to find the best prices on FOOD AND DRINK >

SPECIALS on BUD LIGHT,  BUD LIGHT LIME,YUENGLING, COORS LIGHT, TWISTED TEAS, FIRELY, and MILLER LITE can be found in the Out On The Town Entertainment Guide – GO TO :  www.ootweb.com  or www.ootonline.com

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