Don’t Call Me Francis….Still Bringing the Party!

May 11, 2010

By:  Krista Doran

dcmf_3205So, I’m food shopping last week when my cell phone rings and on the other line is someone introducing himself as Francis Orsini.  I thought to myself, “Hmmm… should I call him Francis?” I mean, I knew who it was but his band’s name is Don’t Call Me Francis. I certainly did not want to be rude, and say “Hello Francis!”, so I pretended I didn’t hear him and said, “I’m sorry, who is this?” The voice on the other end said, “Krista, its Frank Orsini!”  I am very happy to say that this week’s In the Spotlight segment features a local party band that has been bringing the good times everywhere they go for close to 20 years now – the Don’t Call Me Francis Band!

I have to admit, I thought I was going to be interviewing a somewhat egotistical “ladies man” but that could not be further from the truth.  Frank was an extremely down to earth, personable gentleman, who wears his heart on his sleeve and talked more about the members of the band than himself.  He had such wonderful things to say about every single person in the band and I was really surprised to find out what huge talent backed him on stage.  For anyone that has ever seen Don’t Call Me Francis live, you know what kind of powerful sound they have, but their musical backgrounds are even more impressive.  Several members of the band have played with major acts such as KC and the Sunshine Band, Alicia Keys, Prince and Blood Sweat and Tears, just to name a few.  Frank was particularly fond of how his percussionist and female lead singer Mary Harris has contributed to the band.  “Mary is such an extraordinary singer with a beautiful voice.  Having her on stage is a blessing for us.”  Frank was also very excited about his drummer, who simply goes by the name “M&M” and he told me that “playing with these musicians is like a reward for all the adversity I have had to deal with in the past. They are all professional, SMOKIN’ players and every one of them has mastered their skill.”

With an exceptional horn and vocally powered sound, the Don’t Call Me Francis band has been one of the top-rated Party Rock/Dance Bands in the tri-state area since 1991, and there is definitely a reason for that.  Frank grew up loving rock and roll and because he plays the trumpet, he was also exposed to a lot of Jazz and R & B.  His experience as a music lover has certainly influenced what the band plays onstage and they will do anything from Rock to Disco and everything in between.  “What we play is extremely diversified.  Our shows are high energy and intense with crowds of people chanting and singing right along with us.  People come to our shows expecting to hear fun, danceable music and that is exactly what we give them.  We make people get up out of their seats and dance!”

Don’t Call Me Francis is also the ultimate in wedding bands.  From Sinatra and all the standards to Beyonce and The Black-Eyed Peas, if it’s good party music, they play it.  There are perhaps a handful of acts in this area that can come close to what this band can do onstage.  The level of musicianship, the seriousness of how they studied music and how they perform is unmatched.  As Frank put it, “we strive for an old-school mentality of playing that is professional and hands-down, will give people a time they will never forget.”

You can catch Don’t Call Me Francis playing all over the area including 5 of the local PJ Whelihan locations and plenty of clubs at the Jersey Shore this summer such as The Trump Plaza Beach Bar in Atlantic City, Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant and Flip Flopz Beach Bar in North Wildwood.  You can check their schedule at to see where they are will be appearing and plan your next night out.  You can be certain that with this band playing, it will be the time of your life!  To book the band for your wedding, party, event or club, call 856-986-6749.  The party continues….

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