Philly Tribute Bands…Musicians That Truly Love What They Play

Mar 30, 2010

By:  Krista Doran

The Philly area has so much to offer along the lines of live music.  Whatever your taste may be, you can find something to your liking and of course, here at The Out On The Town, we bring you some of the best and most diverse entertainers you will see anywhere.  We have been covering the best live bands for years and have been bringing our readers lots of choices in where to go and who to see.  As so many of you already know, the OOT is the one and ONLY place you can go to that will give you some of the best choices in live music today!

I wanted to switch gears a little for this issue and give our readers something different to think about, along the lines of live music.  There has been quite an uprising of Tribute Bands in this area and we thought it would be a great idea to point you in the right direction as to who to see.  Tribute Bands are a rare breed and work extremely hard to bring their fans a musical experience that is as close as possible to the real thing.  Seeing a Tribute Band gives you an opportunity to see a live band playing music from some of your favorite popular artists that you would not be able to see otherwise.  Many of these acts have formed because of how much they might enjoy the music of a particular artist.  Or perhaps some want to pay tribute because their favorite band may no longer be around or members may have passed away.  Whatever the reason may be, we are very lucky to have such bands around that take the time to do this for our entertainment.

Some of the more popular artists such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones have literally hundreds of Tribute Bands across the US, who put on sensational shows almost as spectacular as the original.  But right here in the Philly area you have the opportunity to see many truly talented and dedicated bands that put on such great shows, you would think you were listening to the real thing in a more intimate atmosphere. Some of them even look the part.  One of the Tribute acts that have really been making a splash in our area is Steal Your Face, who puts on a fantastic Grateful Dead Show.  I had the opportunity to speak to Paul Baroli, better known as “Kahuna” and who is the bass player for SYF.  Paul explained to me that it’s really the love of the music from the Grateful Dead that inspired them to form.  “We love the Grateful Dead – that’s where it starts and ends for us. We have always been big Dead Heads and we love the fans and the community that is the Grateful Dead experience.  It has always been part of us and we just wanted to be able to bring that music to everyone to enjoy.”

Tribute bands, in many cases can be the next best thing to seeing the original.  Here are some great choices if you think you would like to check them out:

Steal Your Face (Grateful Dead Tribute) –

Raised on Radio (Journey Tribute) –

Get The Led Out (Led Zeppelin Tribute) –

Think Pink (Pink Floyd Tribute) –

The Big Jangle (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Tribute) –

Sir Rod (Rod Stewart Tribute) –

Tuesday’s Gone (Lynyrd Skynrd Tribute) –

Romeo Delight (Van Halen Trubute) –

Runaway (Bon Jovi Tribute) –

AJ Slick Band (Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute) –

Disposable Heroes (Metallica Tribute) –

Hot Rocks (Rolling Stones Tribute) –

There are also a few websites I found that promote Tribute Bands:, .  You can go to these sites to see if there is a particular Tribute Band you may want to see in your area or even to book them for a party or club event.

I give these musicians lots of credit for what they do.  Being in a tribute bands means every note, every chord; every nuance of a song has to be completely accurate in order for the music to sound authentic.  You can’t get away with playing anything other than note for note, because people that come to see a Tribute Band are true fans of the original and expect the bands paying homage to be no less than perfect.  This is why it’s a great idea to go see a Tribute Band.  It’s always going to be a great show!

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